Meet “Understanding Privacy”, a new Smashing Book

Meet “Understanding Privacy”, our new book on privacy, by Heather Burns.
What privacy really is, beyond scary headlines. Understanding Privacy View in the browser 💨

Understanding Privacy by Heather Burns

Howdy Smashing Friends,

Meet “Understanding Privacy”, a practical guide to privacy on the web, from data collection and use of personal data to designing and building safe, inclusive experiences for everyone. Jump to the details →

Understanding Privacy cover

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Jump to the details → eBook now available. Print shipping in November. Get the book.

About The Book

Understanding Privacy is for designers, developers, and project managers who want to understand what privacy really is about and who want to integrate a healthy approach to user privacy into everything they do.

Understanding Privacy cover
Understanding Privacy cover
All chapters in the book have custom illustrations, highlighting the topic of the book.

By the end of this book, you will have shifted your understanding from a negative view of privacy as a scary legal compliance obligation to a positive view of privacy as an opportunity to build a better web. Download a free sample PDF (11 MB).

This book is a practical guide, not a legal reference manual. It helps you understand the common values which inform nearly all user-centric privacy regulations, and to apply them regardless of the presence or absence of a legal framework. Jump to the details →

Understanding Privacy cover

You’ll learn:

  • Fundamental concepts, definitions and frameworks behind privacy and data protection,
  • Healthy approach to user privacy into everything you build and design,
  • Common privacy issues and how you can make a difference,
  • How to lay the ground for future developers, designers, and project managers to build a better web for tomorrow,
  • The obligations we have to safeguard user privacy and health data.

Understanding Privacy cover

Get the book eBook now available. Print shipping in November. Get the book.

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