Kotlin Weekly - Kotlin Weekly #326


ISSUE #326

30th of October 2022


KotlinConf 2023 Is Going Global
It’s been three years since the KotlinConf 2019 Global. Now JetBrains has announced that KotlinConf will be back in 2023, and so will KotlinConf Global.

Ktor Annual Customer Survey 2022
JetBrains is collecting some information about ktor and how we use it on this survey. They asked us for help to spread it. If you have been working with ktor, please consider filling it! It will help folks at JetBrains to determine better the future direction of ktor.


From zero to 10 million lines of Kotlin
Meta switched their Android development from Java to Kotlin. In this post they shared the process that took them to jump into Kotlin.

Design for readability
It is a known observation in programming that developers read code much more than they write it. In this new excerpt from Effective Kotlin, see how we should optimize for readability.

Quickstart Guide to KMMBridge
Touchlab has released their 1 hour tutorial to get up and running with KMMBridge. We strongly recommend it! This is your platform for easy, quick, and effective development with KMP.

Secure File Transfer Service
Matthias Schenk has developed a small encryption project for secure file transfer using Ktor

Writing a Property Based Testing library in Kotlin, a Journey (part 2)
In the second article on the series, Jordi Pradel keeps developing his Property Based Testing library.


How Listening to the Tests can Improve our Designs
Acceptance tests are a fine way to make sure that our software is working, but they can be hard to set up and slow to run. See in this episode of Refactoring to Kotlin how Duncan McGregor works with his tests.

Kotlin Coroutines in practice
This presentation by Marcin Moskala will present typical usages of Kotlin Coroutines in real-life Android and backend projects, as well as it will analyze how those use cases can be properly tested.


Balloon with Jaewoong Eum
Nico Corti interviews in this new episode the Open-Source wizard Jaewoong Eum. They speak about Balloon, Compose and more.


A collection of Creative Coding examples. They have used Jetbrains Compose and Processing (Java Edition) to create them. Interesting to watch them.

A lightweight Compose Animation library to choreograph low-level Animation API through Kotlin DSL.


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