New Report Sheds Light on Pentagon’s Secret Wars Playbook

The analysis suggests that the U.S. war in Somalia was waged with no clear legal basis.


The Fight to Stop Republicans From Killing Wolves and Grizzlies

Ryan Devereaux

Two new lawsuits want to hold federal and state leaders accountable for failing to protect the iconic predators.



New Report Sheds Light on Pentagon’s Secret Wars Playbook

Nick Turse

The analysis suggests that the U.S. war in Somalia was waged with no clear legal basis.



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An Uber Millionaire Wants You to Vote on the Internet — Despite the Inherent Vulnerabilities

Spenser Mestel

Bradley Tusk’s Mobile Voting has already conducted 21 online voting pilots in seven states, but the technology for doing it securely doesn’t exist.



Democratic Consultants Cash In on AIPAC Spending — Even as It Tries to Hand the House to Republicans

Akela Lacy

The firms helped attack progressive Summer Lee during the primary. Now, in a tight general election, AIPAC is all in on the Republican.



GOP Candidate Playing Up Veteran Status Finds Loophole for His Claim

Timmy Facciola

Veterans organizations are taking sides in the race between Colin Schmitt and Democrat Pat Ryan. But their resumes are very different.



Kentucky Lawmakers Seek Exclusive Control Over Residents’ Reproductive Rights

Jordan Smith

A Kentucky ballot measure, Amendment 2, would bar state courts from considering the constitutionality of abortion.



Sexual Assault Allegation Exposes Self-Policing Prison System

Victoria Law

Robert Adams alleges that a guard sodomized him with a baton. A yearlong investigation into his story uncovered a system plagued by retaliation and primed for abuse.



Top Fed Official: Fed Will “Keep At This” Until Your Savings Accounts Are Drained

Jon Schwarz

Kansas City Fed President Esther George should be celebrated for being honest about how the Federal Reserve works.



America’s 9/11 Wars Created the Foot Soldiers of Far-Right Violence at Home

Peter Maass

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan radicalized a generation of veterans, many of whom face trials for sedition and other crimes.



Stephen Miller Mails “Race-Baiting Misinformation” to Asian American Voters

Robert Mackey

Asian American Democrats in Pennsylvania are combating a flood of misleading ads from former Trump administration officials ahead of the midterms.



New Justice Department Media Rules Won’t Help if Trump Wins Again

James Risen

Merrick Garland’s latest policy includes plenty of vague language that could still make it relatively easy for prosecutors to go after reporters’ sources.





For Abortion Rights, Could Kentucky Be the Next Kansas?


A ballot measure in the state could pave the way for a total abortion ban.



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