Copywriting Course - Black Friday Ending

Through this year, at CC we've put out a ton of free content:

• 48 S.W.I.P.E.S. email newsletters
• 20+ videos
• 30+ blog posts
• 500+ social posts
• 10 million informational emails

Funny thing is many people don't know we do far more content in our private course and forum.....which result in direct wins for customers.

Like we're constantly re-writing people's copy (blog posts, emails, home pages, pitch decks, business questions etc):

That means people explain what they want to achieve with their copy, then myself and other professional writers go over it, often just re-write it, and explain WHY we made the edits we did (so you can learn):

People utilize us for looking over all sorts of their own content, like this one requesting feedback and help on making a blog post better:

Because of this constant helping of people on a daily basis inside our course we get reviews like this:

• We currently get 380k visitors a month and it's in no small part thanks to Neville and this website. -GK

• I love this course. So helpful and practical! Thank you. -NP

• I got my first copywriting gig! Thank you for the support and great tips! -RG

• I'm learning so much from your rewrites and edits! -KR

• It's so great being here in the copywriting course and growing my business! -KB

• I wouldn't execute if I didn't have this group for support and feedback. -WN

• Thank you for your valuable feedback and helping me get my message out on LinkedIn. -PV

• Keeping my journal here keeps me on track and engaged. Thanks to all of you who comment and keep me accountable! -RG

• Thank you for inspiring me to double down on my podcast. It's working. Listenership is up and it's starting to grow with sponsorship and content! -KR

• Terrific feedback on my landing page. Made the changes and it's converting much better! PK

All of these wins were from THIS WEEK ALONE 😳...see hundreds more.

With that, I invite you to join us this Black Friday where you'll get:
1.) The best deal in our history.
2.) 55% off a year of Copywriting Course.
3.) 2 extra bonus months.

The 2 bonus months means you can goof off for the rest of the holidays, and still have 1+ year of Copywriting Course, including:

- Our 22 short training courses designed to make you better at every piece of marketing you ever put out.

- Live Office Hours every Thursday to speak with me directly about your questions.

- 24/7 private forum where we re-vamp, re-writer, answer your questions, and optimize all your copy and pages.

Does this sound good?? Well grab it now because Black Friday ends TONIGHT!!

Use code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout for 55% and 2 extra months!

Neville Medhora

P.S. This deal goes away tonight grab it now!

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