📗 Ebook: feature flag solution - build or buy?

We recently partnered with our friends at AB Tasty to produce this invaluable guide outlining feature flag use cases, and the benefits and cons of building in-house feature flagging solutions. 

As feature flags have become the norm for many companies due to their widespread uses, the eternal debate for many modern tech teams is whether to build an in-house system from scratch or invest in a third-party solution.

When teams initially start implementing feature flags for a certain purpose, other use cases may emerge beyond the initial, simple use case. The more they start to understand the kinds of benefits feature flags bring to them, the more the scope of the in-house system grows, and thus the challenges of developing and managing such a system grow as well.

What was once a way to make tech teams’ lives easier by releasing faster at lower risk may become a burden to continue to maintain an in-house solution across your feature flag journey.

This guide will walk you through what it means and what it takes to build an in-house solution by introducing you to the typical use cases for feature flags to help you assess whether it’s really worth investing in your own in-house solution or whether you’re better off looking at external solutions to handle the challenges that come with such advanced uses.


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