Inside Amazon Air ✈️, ChatGPT vs Google 🤖 , Stable Diffusion on Apple Silicon 👨‍💻

Amazon is constantly optimizing to operate the most sustainable and efficient network possible. 

Daily Update 2022-12-02

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Big Tech & Startups

Inside Amazon Air’s Quest to Seize the Skies (5 minute read)

Amazon is constantly optimizing to operate the most sustainable and efficient network possible. One way to utilize unfilled space is to sell the excess capacity to other companies. Selling spare air capacity has proved more challenging for Amazon than selling space in the cloud. Amazon Air continues to add flights, but its rate of growth has slowed down. The company has considered launching its own airline.
Tesla to Expand Vehicle Lineup With Delivery of First Semi Truck (2 minute read)

Tesla delivered its first Semi truck at an event on Thursday evening. The company tentatively plans to produce 50,000 Semis for North America in 2024. Tesla's Semi has an estimated range of 500 miles per charge. It features a central seating position for the driver and its own 'Tesla Semi' chargers.

Science & Futuristic Technology

Startup’s Headset to Treat Alzheimer’s Will Undergo Wide Trial With Patients (4 minute read)

Cognito Therapeutics Inc. will soon be conducting late-stage trials of a device for treating Alzheimer's disease. The trial will involve around 500 US participants wearing a headset for an hour a day over a year. The headset delivers light and sound at a frequency that improves cognitive ability. If Cognito's headset proves effective, it could see wide adoption in 2024.
Biotech labs are using AI inspired by DALL-E to invent new drugs (7 minute read)

Biotech labs are using diffusion models to create new designs for proteins never seen in nature. These models can be directed to produce designs for proteins with specific properties to do particular jobs on demand. The technology could eventually lead to the development of new and more effective drugs. While the technology seems to be able to design proteins, scientists still have to figure out how to create the proteins and test them.

Programming, Design & Data Science

Core ML Stable Diffusion (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains packages for running Stable Diffusion on Apple Silicon with Core ML. It includes a Python package for converting PyTorch models to Core ML format and performing image generation with Hugging Face diffusers in Python and a Swift package for deploying image generation capabilities in apps. Example outputs with latency benchmarks are available.
Modern Errors (GitHub Repo)

Modern Errors is a JavaScript/TypeScript library for handling errors in a simple, stable, and consistent way. It features simple patterns for creating error classes, setting error properties, wrapping or aggregating errors, and separating known and unknown errors. Modern Errors can be extended with plugins.
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Compare the quality of these responses (3 minute read)

This Twitter thread compares outputs from Google Search and ChatGPT. ChatGPT is able to explain concepts with examples for queries about coding. It can even write algorithms and provide code fixes, both with explanations.
Generative AI: autocomplete for everything (17 minute read)

Generative AI will largely become a productivity-enhancing, labor-saving tool. While many people are worried that AI will take over jobs, this is unlikely. Recent evidence shows that the adoption of industrial robots and automation technology is associated with an increase in employment. The technology will likely replace some of the tasks that workers do, but not the workers themselves.

Quick Links

Deepgram Completes $72M Series B Round to Define the Future of AI Speech Understanding (Sponsor)

Deepgram delivers the most reliable transcription and speech understanding API. With new funding, expect more transformational features like language detection, summarization, and sentiment analysis to take your audio from unstructured to understood.
My secret life as an 11-year-old BBS sysop (17 minute read)

Back in the day, many hobbyists ran their own miniature online services called bulletin board systems.
Compromised OEM Android platform certificates used to sign malware (5 minute read)

Malicious apps are being signed using multiple platform certificates used by Android OEM device vendors.
DeepMind AI topples experts at complex game Stratego (5 minute read)

DeepNash, an AI created by DeepMind, has matched expert humans at the board game Stratego.
USB-C can hit 120Gbps with newly published USB4 Version 2.0 spec (3 minute read)

USB4 Version 2.0 will allow people to hit 80Gbps with USB-C cables and optionally support a data transfer rate of up to 120Gbps across three lanes.
The Organ-on-a-Chip Revolution Is Here (10 minute read)

Drugs will soon be developed and tested directly using human tissues.
Leptos (GitHub Repo)

Leptos is a Rust web framework for building declarative user interfaces.

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