Influence Weekly #261 - Louis Vuitton, Hermes chase Chinese influencers beyond biggest cities

Influence Weekly #261
December 2nd, 2022
Executive Summary
  • Louis Vuitton, Hermes chase Chinese influencers beyond biggest cities
  • Snapchat rolls out series of activations for World Cup 2022
  • Pinterest Ends its Creator Rewards Program for Idea Pins
  • The Rise Of The Creator Economy Report By Creative Class

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Great Reads

Adam Von Gootkin, The CEO And Co-Founder Of Highclere Castle Gin, On Partnering With Patricia Altshul
Patricia Altshul is an American socialite, art collector, and famous personality on the Bravo show Southern Charm. Gin is Patricia’s go-to spirit, making the collaboration between her and Highclere Castle Gin a perfect combination. 

Adam shares, “We are always looking for very genuine, complimentary brand ambassadors – people that are passionate about spirits and gin and entertainment and elegance and all the things that fit our brand. We felt that Patricia was very much that.”

Adam explained that the partnership began as a friendship, and they’ve been collaborating ever since. Their campaigns aim to boost brand awareness since Highclere Castle Gin is a newer brand. 

Adam is looking forward to future initiatives with Patricia, including an opportunity for Adam to co-host a Highclere Castle Gin cocktail party at Patricia’s stunning home in Charleston as a show segment for Southern Charm.

”We’re going to throw a cocktail party with Highclere Castle Gin as an homage to his majesty, the King, having just taken the throne and, of course, to celebrate the legacy of her Majesty’s passing.”

The Highclere Castle Gin team has had a fun time partnering with Patricia. One of their most successful campaigns with her was on Instagram, where she posed with a bottle of their gin. This post generated hundreds of thousands of views. She also shared with her followers about her favorite cocktail recipes and how she likes to use Highclere Castle Gin in her recipes. 

Adam shares that the Highclere Castle Gin Instagram page reposted Patricia’s content, which helped them to continue growing their following and generate more excitement around their product. 

Wehype CEO Robin Aström: Earning Money Consistently Online As A Gamer
For brands looking to get into gaming influencer marketing, Robin shares that one of the biggest misconceptions is that brands need a unique strategy to speak to gamers. 

“A lot of people playing games are ordinary people that also go buy food. They go to the gym. They have regular habits, and so on. So, you don’t need to treat them so differently. You shouldn’t come in and try to overdo it as well. I think that a natural approach where you speak naturally and you do it on the gamers’ terms is the best way.”

He adds that the Wehype team has seen some unsuccessful attempts and activations at gaming influencer marketing, primarily when companies jump on trends unsuccessfully or use awkward ‘gaming language,’ which doesn’t translate well to the audience. 

Wehype takes a data-driven approach to help brands and gaming influencers connect. Their platform categorizes creators based on their typical content and how well it engages with their audiences. 

“We’re combining that more data-driven approach with a human approach of a creator, who are really living and sleeping [in the industry] and always aware of the latest trends. So combining that artificial with that human intelligence is the way that we help our clients find the best fit for their activations and campaigns.”
Campaign Insights

Arm & Hammer enlists TikTok influencers to help millennials, Gen Z with holiday laundry
Arm & Hammer Laundry is taking advantage of TikTok’s short-form videos to reach out to families during the holiday season.

Over the last year, the brand has been working to build its organic TikTok presence, and its new holiday effort is a continuation of that strategy. Arm & Hammer is looking to stand out on the platform by creating content with TikTok influencers Queencitytrends (a travel and lifestyle influencer with 1.5 million followers), Snackbandits (food creators with 1.6 million followers) and Nycgaydad (a TikTok content creator with 423,000 followers). The brand will also collaborate with dad, actor and professional chef, David Burtka.

Arm & Hammer chose influencers based on the organic family-related content they produce that aligns with the brand’s values, according to Xi Chen, associate marketing director for Arm & Hammer Laundry. Arm & Hammer chose to focus on TikTok because consumers are spending more time there than Instagram and Twitter.

“We know more of our target consumers [Gen Z and millennial parents] are using TikTok, and we want to continue building our presence there,” said Chen, who added that the brand wanted to lean into the platform and focus on TikTok content as the app is continuing to grow in popularity.

Louis Vuitton, Hermes chase Chinese influencers beyond biggest cities
"The world's biggest luxury brands are digging deeper into the Chinese market, courting influencers in cities beyond Beijing and Shanghai with new restaurants, cafes and bars.

Louis Vuitton this month opened its first restaurant in China in the southwestern city of Chengdu, at a historic building used as a meeting place for merchants over a century ago.

Located at Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, a commercial complex at the heart of the city, The Hall restaurant collaborates with Michelin-star chefs to serve dishes inspired by local Sichuan cuisine.

"There's Sichuan pepper in the chocolate," a diner exclaimed during a recent meal there, taking photos of one of the desserts to post on social media.

"Social media influencers drive new trends in China," a fashion industry analyst said, explaining the motivation behind such operations. "Top brands run establishments that serve food and drink to get influencers to post about them."

Snapchat rolls out series of activations for World Cup 2022
Snapchat has introduced a host of new activations for users during the World Cup in Qatar.  

Activations include on-ground experiences in Qatar, new augmented reality lenses, immersive challenges, and curated content from regional broadcasters.

Snapchat has partnered with four AR developers from the Middle East and North Africa region — Mohamad El Asmar from Oman and Maha Aldosary, Ibrahim Boona and Fahad Mutlaq from Saudi Arabia — to create new lenses for the World Cup.

The platform has also partnered with several organizations to create AR experiences, teaming up with Qatar Tourism for visits to the Doha Corniche, and with telecom provider Ooredoo for the FIFA World Cup Challenge, which includes a series of interactive AR games including juggling, balancing, and scoring as many goals as possible.

Snap has also partnered with Saudi travel platform Almatar, which will see the travel agency use Snapchat’s AR technology to interact with and reward fans through the use of seven lenses, each of which is designed to provide a different experience.

More than 100 Japanese social influencers to visit Guam
More than 100 Japanese social media influencers will be on Guam through Nov. 29 to share their vacation experiences and promote Guam via TikTok and Instagram platforms, according to a news release from the Guam Visitors Bureau.

The influencers have a combined audience of more than 40 million followers.

Additionally, GVB is continuing its tourism recovery efforts within the Japanese tourism market and re-established ties with Kashiwa City in the country’s Chiba prefecture, according to GVB’s news release.

A GVB delegation comprised of the agency’s marketing executives, local cultural performers and members of the Mayors’ Council of Guam, led by GVB President and CEO Carl Gutierrez, recently attended the Kashiwa de International Exchange Festa.
Industry News

Dental Hygienist And Content Creator Corina Monroe Of Corina_907 On Making Viral Content
Corina shares that creating content while she is in a dental space helps her content generate increased interest because people will ask if she’s a nurse, dentist, hygienist, etc. 

Her most viral video features her saying, “On no! My tooth is broken.” She shares that this video was her take on the “My table is broken” trend, and she put very little thought into the video. However, it gained over 44 million views. 

Another popular topic on her platform is saddle chairs, which are structured like a saddle and help you keep a better posture. 

“It [the saddle chair] holds your posture and keeps you upright, but your legs are slightly open a little bit more because that’s good ergonomics. That’s how we can stay in our careers longer. I just started noticing the videos that I would post with myself did better if I was in the chair.”

Even videos where she isn’t sitting in the saddle chair perform better because people will notice the chair in the background and comment on it. 

In terms of creating trending content, she shares, “I will use the trends that are going viral, whether it’s a sound or a voiceover, but for the most part, I don’t necessarily totally plan my content.”

She often wakes up and looks at what is trending that day, then thinks about how to relate the trend to dentistry. 

Stream Scheme By Chris Grayson: Building A Streaming Coaching And Education Brand
Twitch and YouTube both have a rich background in gaming and streaming, which Stream Scheme addresses with detailed guides covering every aspect of streaming. 

Chris shares, “We specialize primarily in education early on, so helping streamers grow, troubleshooting common problems they had. Over that time, I started working with another friend of mine who ran our YouTube channel, and we built that to 181,000 subscribers over the course of two years in the same space.”

Chris’ knowledge of promotional and content strategies is helpful for designing practical educational content for beginner and intermediate streamers. 

Besides providing educational resources, Stream Scheme’s primary services include channel reviews, custom strategy sessions, and group coaching. Stream Scheme’s educational content has also expanded into a few other topics, such as Instagram and TikTok, but these topics are used to create funnels that drive traffic to your stream.

“The biggest [strategy] one we did was we released a lot of content for free. We pushed hard on YouTube, and we pushed hard on the website to make free content that was available to anyone and that essentially, in turn, acted as our funnel. We never really actively pursued clients. They found us, so it was a lot of work to really get moving in the early stages.”

Caleb Simpson calls himself this generation's 'MTV Cribs'
“I have always wanted to try to show New York in a way where people feel like they’re there,” said Simpson, who has about 8.4 million followers across TikTok (where he has 6 million followers), YouTube, Facebook and Instagram combined. 

In the videos, Simpson, 30, highlights tiny studios, artists’ lofts, multimillion-dollar town houses and everything in between. Each short-form video features Simpson approaching a person on the street to chat about their rent, asking if he can see their apartment and then getting a tour from them. 

“I’m showing all different walks of life in New York, and people actually get to see it in a different way,” said Simpson, who describes himself as this generation’s "MTV Cribs,” a reference to the popular early 2000s documentary-style TV show that featured tours of the private homes of celebrities.

YoboyRoy On Being A Full-Time Gaming Content Creator And Exploring The Fitness Niche
Roy shares, “It all happened a little bit by mistake because I enjoyed playing video games, but I didn’t enjoy wasting hours every day. I felt it was a bit unproductive, and one of my passions at the time was to just make movies and to edit things together.”

His passion for video editing led him to start filming gaming content. Recording video games didn’t require much overhead and allowed him to transform gaming into another fun outlet and productive hobby. 

“I started my freshman year of college and just used it as a fun outlet for a hobby, just something to get away from the books with, and it blew up my sophomore year and became a steady job by junior year.”

Roy shares that one of the keys to his success was looking for smaller, underdeveloped niches on YouTube. 

At the time, there were few tutorials for the game he played. Since he was one of the top players in this game, he thought this was an excellent opportunity to share his tips and tricks with the public on YouTube. 

“Thankfully, there was kind of room for me when I went into it. If I was to try and do that now, at the current state of where the game is, it’s so saturated with content creators and all the different types of topics. Sadly, when people ask how do I grow and all that kind of stuff, the tips that I tell them helped me probably aren’t as relevant now just because there is so much saturation when it comes to content.”

Amy Heslop On Empowerment Online
One of Amy’s favorite collaborations has been with Lounge Underwear, a ‘Comfort Made Sexy’ underwear and apparel brand. 

“I’ve done it for two to three years for them – it’s the Lounge Underwear Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. It’s called Feel Your Breast, and they do an iconic Pink song that they have, and they sell them.”

For this campaign, Lounge Underwear offers reduced delivery fees, which are put towards a breast cancer charity. 

“I was quite emotional when they wanted me to be a part of it because I thought that’s such an amazing campaign.”

Amy notes that her underwear and travel posts also tend to perform best on social media. 

Amy Heslop hopes that social media will return to more organic engagement in the future. 

“A lot of the time with social media now, the only way your posts can really be seen is if you pay to promote it, and I think that’s 90% of the influencers I talk to, that’s their biggest struggle because it’s so easy for your posts now to get lost and it’s hard to boost it unless you pay for it.”

She would love to see social media platforms take a step back and return to what was working previously. 
Interesting People

Pinterest Ends its Creator Rewards Program for Idea Pins
Pinterest has announced that it’s ending its Creator Rewards program, with the incentive offering set to shutter later this week.

Pinterest’s Creator Rewards scheme provided a means for creators to make money by creating themed Idea Pins, based on monthly prompts provided by Pinterest.

That enabled Pinterest to both encourage Idea Pin activity, and guide those Pins towards more engaging elements – but now, it’s moving on from the project.

As reported by The Information:

“After the program’s conclusion on Wednesday, [Pinterest] will pay a one-time bonus to creators in the program who participated in at least one reward goal in August, September or October, a Pinterest spokesperson said. The company declined to share how much it was giving away in bonuses or how many people were part of the creator rewards program.”

TikTok Becomes Most Popular Social Channel
After analyzing 7,000 paid collaborations between brands and advertisers for a new report, influencer marketplace Collabstr’s data shows TikTok has become the most popular social media platform for influencer marketing, with 45% of paid collaborations taking place on the short-form video app.

Instagram placed second with 39% of paid collaborations. In addition, 14% of all paid collaborations in 2022 were not specific to any particular platform, but were collaborations based around user-generated content (UGC) where influencers created content for money -- marking a higher number of UGC collaborations than Collabstr has seen in previous reports.

YouTube ranked last with only 2% of paid collaborations in 2022.

Instagram was still the most preferred social media platform by influencers, with 82% of influencers offering marketing or content-creation services on their Instagram accounts.

Over half (61%) of influencers offered paid services on TikTok, while 26% offered UGC services that are non-reliant on social platforms, and 9% offered brands services on YouTube.

Former Grab director's influencer platform TipTip banks $13m
Indonesia-based TipTip, a monetization platform for content creators in Southeast Asia, has raised US$13 million in a series A round led by East Ventures and joined by Vertex, SMDV, and BIG Ventures, among others.

TipTip provides a platform where influencers can create content and connect directly to their fans. The company has established an online-offline presence across 40 cities in Indonesia.

The firm said it currently houses over 2,500 content creators and more than 30,000 users. It aims to have 30,000 influencers and 300,000 users by early next year.

The company said revenues grew more than 20x since October 2022.

The Rise Of The Creator Economy Report By Creative Class
A key takeway from the survey indicates that many members of the general public are not put off by influencer marketing and would even consider doing it themselves. This also assumes that many people are intrigued by influencer-generated content and find it to be an effective form of advertising. This statistic also leads us to believe that people are more likely to produce sponsored content for money, rather than other forms of compensation such as a discount code or a selection of free products. 

Creative Class also expresses the three main categories of content for creators, many of which seem to be business oriented. Thus, this shows that many creators are looking to educate their audience on a range of topics, instead of producing work solely for entertainment purposes. This data also suggests that creators see themselves as business leaders and are motivated to share their knowledge and experience with their audiences. 

The final takeaway from this report highlights why influencers are motivated to produce content, particularly within the highly sought-after Gen Z demographic. Creative Class informs us that 58% of Gen Z influencers see their role as an opportunity to make a difference in the world. In contrast, only 48% of Millennials choose this option. This denotes a large shift in generations, showing that Millennials are more likely to operate in the creator economy due to the flexible hours and financial benefits. As such, we can assume that Gen Z is more focused on using their platforms for social change and education, rather than as a way to earn an income. 
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Great Paywalled Content

Call Her Daddy' star Alex Cooper looks beyond Spotify - Fortune
As luxurious as it would be to earn $20 million a year or leave 5 million listeners hanging on my words weekly, what really gets me to facepalm is that Cooper owns her intellectual property and gets paid for just that. That’s why I profiled her for Fortune’s December/January issue, which features fellow 40 Under 40 honorees. The amount of control, ownership, and leverage Cooper has over her podcasting empire is almost unprecedented for a creator. Call Her Daddy is Cooper’s broadcast of lived experience. In other words, the IP equates to an empire built on her personality, and her influence seems to grow with each episode.

This influence may turn to dollars. As Cooper offhandedly mentioned as we lounged in her West Hollywood studio (the “Dad Pad”): Amazon offered her more money than Spotify. When her current deal is up, she will likely have the leverage to command even higher pay, ownership, and creative freedom.

All of this is far from typical for a podcaster or creator. Creators don’t usually receive base pay from content platforms. (YouTube pays creators a share of ad revenue, while TikTok and Instagram do not meaningfully pay creators.) In turn, creator personas are shaped by the brands they rep—and often in their videos.

With her big-budget Spotify deal, Cooper can largely refuse social media advertising offers unless they’re from Call Her Daddy sponsors. It’s one way we see her insistence on having control—and often working solo. In Los Angeles, I watched her ad-lib spots for podcast underwriters MAC, DoorDash, and BetterHelp. (She very much seemed to be winging it.) Shortly after recording these ads, she published them and edited a podcast episode with TV personality La La Anthony. Cooper admits her lone-wolf operation may not be sustainable forever, including when and if she has children.
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