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The Zamboni machine, the tractor-like device used to refinish the surfaces of ice rinks, was invented by Frank Zamboni, an ice salesman who, thanks to the advent of compressor-based refrigeration, went into the ice rink business.

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December 3, 2022

Did You Know?

The Zamboni machine, the tractor-like device used to refinish the surfaces of ice rinks, was invented by Frank Zamboni, an ice salesman who, thanks to the advent of compressor-based refrigeration, went into the ice rink business.

📱 Making Better Phones

Hope you’re having a great weekend so far! Google is starting to roll out end-to-end encryption support for group texts in Messages, the default SMS app on most Android phones. The company also revealed that a change in programming languages is making Android devices safer.

Also, if you’re still on the hunt for holiday gifts, the Google Nest Mini is back down to $18.

– Corbin

TODAY'S TOP STORY Are Smart Christmas Lights Worth It?

They’re so new and niche you may not have even heard of them yet, but smart Christmas lights are a very cool and very expensive holiday splurge. Are they worth it? Read More »

How to Block Subreddits on Reddit

Looking for a way to block a subreddit in your r/all feed? You can block specific subreddits from appearing there, although Reddit makes it a little complicated. We’ll show you your options. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE Clear Up Desk Space
Clear Up Desk Space

Limited on desk space? Have multiple laptops or electronics that you need on hand but no place to put them? Sometimes the best solutions are incredibly simple, like this laptop stand from Omoton.

This helpful stand comes in various colors, and it can hold up to two laptops or similar electronics (like tablets) vertically. This saves a lot of space on your desk, while still having what you need on hand. No need to find shelf space or throw your important electronics in a drawer!

The Google Nest Mini Is Back Down to Just $18 Today

Google’s cheapest (and most popular) smart speaker is the Nest Mini, and it’s pretty hard to find it not on sale. Now the speaker is back to its lowest-ever price of just $18. Read More »

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Why Are People Scared of Phone Calls These Days?

The telephone has been a staple of Western civilization for over 100 years, enabling people to remotely hear others chewing and breathing too heavily for as long as we can remember. It lets us treat our friends like marginally entertaining podcasts to distract us while doing dishes or quietly peeing. Read More »

Why Spotify Shuffle is Not Truly Random

If you’ve ever used the shuffle button on Spotify, you’ve probably noticed it often doesn’t feel random at all. Turns out this is by design, and there’s actually a lot that goes into how shuffle works on Spotify. Read More »

Android Phones Are Now More Secure, Thanks to Rust

Just like any widely-used software, security vulnerabilities are constantly discovered (and later patched) in Android all the time. Thankfully, one type of security problem is on the decline, thanks to a switch in programming languages. Read More »

The Best Turntables of 2022

Vinyl is making a resurgence, and while it doesn’t put a dent in streaming numbers, records are outselling CDs. If you’re building a vinyl collection, you’ll need a great turntable, and one that fits into your ideal budget. Read More »

The 25 Best Geeky Stocking Stuffers for 2022

If you’re looking for some fun and useful stocking stuffers, look no further. From phone accessories to handy Everyday Carry gadgets, we have a little something for everybody. Read More »

Why Faraway Websites Load Just as Fast as Nearby Ones

If you have an idea of how the internet works, you may wonder why sites hosted on servers far away from you load just as quickly as those hosted near you. After all, it stands to reason that a site in Australia would load slower for people in the States than a US-based site would. So why doesn’t it? Read More »

Mastering Cyber Intelligence Is FREE for a Limited Time ($19.99 Value)

Cyber security threats are everywhere in our personal lives and the professional world, and the best way to stop them in their tracks is to understand them inside and out. In Mastering Cyber Intelligence, you'll learn how to develop and drive a threat intelligence program by collecting data, setting up a team, exploring intelligence frameworks, and more. Get started by downloading your free copy today. This offer ends on Wednesday, December 14, 2022.

Grab a WD 2TB External SSD for the Lowest Price Yet

Even though Black Friday has come and gone, there are still many sales sticking around. Western Digital is selling its 2TB external SSD for $149.99, the lowest price yet — perfect for on-the-go file storage. Read More »

FIFA’s AR App Gives World Cup Attendees More Bragging Rights

Whenever attending a sporting event live, you tend to miss out on certain things, like commercials for bad beers, the chance to stare at a screen, and a constant stream of analytics that we all pretend to understand. A new augmented reality app for World Cup attendees intends to change that (the stats part, anyway). Read More »

Need a Wallpaper? Check Out NASA’s James Webb Photo Gallery

NASA launched the James Webb Space Telescope in December 2021, giving scientists a fresh look at the universe and giving the rest of us some cool wallpapers. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to check out the latest images and save them for your device’s wallpaper. Read More »

What We're Playing: 'Star Trek Timelines' Free-to-Play in the Final Frontier

Ever since I was 11, I’ve wanted to be in Starfleet. Unfortunately for me, Star Trek isn’t real. And even if it were, Starfleet won’t be founded for another century. Fortunately for me, Star Trek Timelines exists. This fantastic game lets me put on my virtual captain’s uniform and explore the final frontier daily. Read More »

When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Smartphone?

People tend to treat phone upgrades differently. Some line up overnight to nab the latest iPhone on release, while others prefer to keep their old beater going for as long as they possibly can. But nothing lasts forever, so when is it time to ditch your old phone and splash out on a new one? Read More »

Why Review Geek Can't Recommend Wyze or eufy Cameras Anymore

When it comes to either affordable Wi-Fi cameras or cloudless Wi-Fi cameras, Review Geek has long recommended two companies: Wyze and eufy. We’ve reviewed products from both companies highly and included them in our “best of” lists multiple times. But as of today, we can no longer recommend either. Read More »

Facebook Not Working? Here are 6 Potential Fixes

There can be several reasons behind Facebook not working, whether it be a server issue, a bug in an outdated version of the app, or something else. Here are a few troubleshooting tips that may explain why Facebook isn’t working. Read More »


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Google Is (Slightly) Improving Group Texts on Android

Google’s messaging strategy over the past decade has been all over the place, and more recently, the company is betting the farm on “Messages,” the default SMS app on most Android devices. Now the company is trying to make Messages more secure. Read More »




The Memorization Technique Used By Memory Contest Champions Is Called?
Stimemming »
Method Of Loci »
Battery Lists »
Synapse Hooking »
Should You Run Your Laptop With the Lid Closed?

If you use your laptop with an external display docked at a desk, you may want to run it with its lid closed to save space. However, your laptop wasn’t designed to run full-tilt with a closed lid, right? Read More »


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