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Today's big stories

  1. The US economy added more jobs than expected last month, sparking concerns about further rate hikes
  2. These three things might make you think differently about bitcoin – Read Now
  3. Twitter offered advertisers tasty incentives in a bid to lure them back to the platform

Bad News, You’re Hired

Bad News, You’re Hired

What’s Going On Here?

According to data out on Friday, the US economy added more jobs than expected last month.

What Does This Mean?

The headlines might make it sound like jobs are hard to come by these days, but mass layoffs at the likes of Meta and Twitter are the exception, not the rule. So sure, the retail, transportation, and warehousing sectors shed workers last month – but leisure, hospitality, and healthcare more than plugged the gap. All in all, the US economy actually added 263,000 jobs in November, breezing past the 200,000 that economists predicted. Plus there are still far more vacant positions than there are workers to go around, so employers are continuing to up wages to attract applicants. No wonder average earnings jumped 0.6% from October to November – the most in a year, and around double expectations.

Why Should I Care?

For markets: Fed up.
The US economy has now added an average of 392,000 new jobs a month this year – a fact that’ll do little to calm the Federal Reserve (the Fed), which hammered home last week that job growth’s still far too rapid. And now, with rising wages threatening to boost inflation again, all the Fed’s hard work could be in jeopardy. That means another 0.75 percentage point hike might be in the cards later this month – a suspicion that sent US markets tumbling when the news broke.

The bigger picture: Putting food on the table.
Inflation’s a worry across the pond too, where surging prices are set to make this year’s Christmas dinner the most expensive Brits have tasted in at least ten years. Data out on Friday showed that the typical holiday meal will cost 22% more this year than last, as the cost of festive staples from turkey to Yorkshire puddings keeps ballooning. And at 14% more this year, even a cruelty-free vegan option is painful.

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Analyst Take

Three Things The Media Isn’t Telling You About Bitcoin

Three Things The Media Isn’t Telling You About Bitcoin

By Jonathan Hobbs, Analyst

It’s been a grim year for bitcoin investors, and as you’d expect, there’s been no shortage of “bitcoin is dead” headlines

But if you take a step back and focus on the cold, hard data, things aren’t quite as dire as those articles might suggest. 

That’s today’s Insight: here are three things the financial news media isn’t telling you about bitcoin.

Read or listen to the Insight here

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Addled Over Ads

Addled Over Ads

What’s Going On Here?

Twitter’s offering all kinds of carrots to lure advertisers back to the platform, according to reports out late last week.

What Does This Mean?

Twitter’s feeling the burn right now. As the economy cools and margins tighten, companies are cutting back on advertising budgets left, right, and center. But the cuts are also personal. See, ever since Musk began to relax the platform’s moderation policies, brands have been shunning the big blue bird. And we’re not talking about small fry: United Airlines, General Motors, and Mondelez are just some of the companies that have stopped running ads on the platform, putting a serious dent in Twitter’s $5 billion business. That’s bad news for Musk, who’s on the hook for $1 billion in yearly interest payments after borrowing big to buy the firm. His solution: offer big spenders all kinds of incentives, like matching spending over $500,000 and boosting impressions for high-rolling firms.

Why Should I Care?

The bigger picture: Actions have consequences.
Maybe firing half of Twitter wasn't so clever: the ads team is now so small that some companies reportedly lack a contact at Twitter, which will hardly help boost sales. What’s more, experts aren’t sure the firm’s incentives will actually have much effect. A hard-won reputation can be destroyed in seconds – and advertisers might decide that Twitter’s discounts aren’t worth the risk of being associated with questionable content (tweet this).

Zooming out: Tesla aims low.
Musk’s got to be careful not to forget about Tesla, his other little hobby horse. Data out last week showed that the firm’s still sitting atop the EV throne in the US, with a 65% market share – but that number’s down from 79% back in 2020. Still, Musk’s got a plan: he recently announced that Tesla has a sub-$30,000 car in the pipeline, which he’ll be counting on to win buyers at the lower end of the market.

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– Hortense Calisher (an American novelist and short-story writer)
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