Influence Weekly #271 - IZEA Releases The 2023 State of Influencer Earnings

Influence Weekly #271
February 10th, 2023
Executive Summary
  • YouTube rolls out collaborative livestream feature on iOS and Android
  • How Tiktok used the Amazon playbook
  • The Unlikely New TikTok Influencers: Old-School Watch Dealers
  • IZEA Releases The 2023 State of Influencer Earnings

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Great Reads

How Social Media Influencer ‘Supa Cent’ Launched A $50 Million Cosmetics Company
Social media influencer Raynell Steward, also known as "Supa Cent," has launched a $50 million cosmetics brand called The Crayon Case. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Steward dropped out of high school at 16 years old and worked full-time, developing her marketing skills. She used the capital from her retail business to fund her cosmetics line and marketed the product through Periscope, documenting her journey to becoming an expert in makeup application. The product line was later recognized by Oprah Winfrey as one of her "favorite things."

"[My] brand was made for you to learn how to do your makeup, to play in the colors, and that's why it's so affordable because I don't want anybody to feel like this palette was too [costly] to mess up. I came up with a lot of colors because I wanted people of color to understand that colors look great on us. Bright colors look so beautiful on dark or brown-skinned women," she emphatically specifies that it was only acceptable for women of lighter complexions to don vibrant shades. "That's why you see a lot of dark-skinned women only doing nude looks because we used to be afraid of color.

YouTube rolls out collaborative livestream feature on iOS and Android
YouTube has rolled out its "Go Live Together" feature for iOS and Android mobile users. The feature allows creators with 50 or more subscribers to invite another creator to livestream with them. The feature is limited to the YouTube mobile app and is not available to desktop users at present, but YouTube is exploring adding desktop support and will provide an update in the future. The feature can be accessed by selecting the create (+) button on the YouTube mobile app. The feature is similar to Twitch's "Guest Star" tool, which allows a host to invite five additional guests to their stream. Guest Star is currently only available on desktop.
Campaign Insights

Why State Farm is skipping Super Bowl ad for TikTok play with Khaby Lame
State Farm has decided to skip advertising during the Super Bowl and instead focus on a new marketing campaign featuring TikTok star Khaby Lame and spokesman Jake from State Farm. The company will utilize its naming rights to State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona where the Super Bowl will take place, as part of its organic marketing strategy.

One week before the game, State Farm will run a video on TikTok that shows Lame and Jake getting pitched by overzealous executives on how the brand should approach the Super Bowl this year. It only takes one look out the window at the name emblazoned on the stadium to elicit Lame’s famous shrug and set a different course of action for the insurer.

“That simple shrug that’s us saying the Big Game came to us and we’re going to leverage that in a unique and different way,” said Cook. Such leveraging involves a call to action for viewers to guess the number of times State Farm will be mentioned during the Super Bowl. The winner will get a chance to star in one of Lame’s TikTok videos.

Why is the government spending $21-million advertising on social media such as TikTok?
The Canadian government spent $21 million on social media advertising last year, up from $7.8 million in 2017, including $1.7 million on TikTok, a 128% increase from the previous year. The increase in spending raises questions about the government's comfort with the heavy spending on these platforms, particularly when the companies behind these platforms are unaligned with the government's policy goals. The directive on the management of communications, which requires cost-effective advertising, may be an obstacle to redirecting advertising dollars to more responsible actors. Politicians should avoid using taxpayer dollars to enrich these platforms and re-examine the directive for advertising expenditure.

Snapchat collaborates with Flipkart for its campaign
Snapchat has partnered with Flipkart and its ad-tech partner Tyroo to expand the e-commerce brand's reach and increase ad awareness. Snapchat created a custom AR lens for Flipkart's campaign featuring Alia Bhatt as a superhero shopping avatar, offering a fun and interactive experience for Snap users. The multi-format strategy included commercials, Snap, and Story ads, leading to a reach of 17.2 million and an average playtime of 15.27 seconds compared to the benchmark of 4-6 seconds. The collaboration resulted in a 4-point lift in ad awareness, with Flipkart's VP of Marketing calling it "a clutter-breaking communication approach."

How Tiktok used the Amazon playbook
TikTok has reached a point where it is pivoting from delighting consumers to extracting profits from its corporate customers, according to Cory Doctorow in Wired. The days when it was referred to as "the only good social network" have passed, and it has now become formulaic and dominated by professional influencers. The model for this change is Amazon, which used to prioritize customers but has now become more profitable and junkier. The end of Amazon's popular Smile program, where customers could donate money to charity instead of giving it to affiliates, is evidence of this pivot. TikTok's algorithm may be subsumed to capitalist imperatives, but there's no indication that users are leaving.

TikTok-based HR conversations are coming for Gen Z workers
TikTok is emerging as a platform for HR professionals to communicate with a younger generation of workers, according to organizational psychologist and managing director of Inspired Development Solutions, Lynda Folan. Folan believes the platform gives HR teams the opportunity to address difficult workplace topics in a relatable and human way, replacing traditional HR training sessions that can last for several hours. The short video format of TikTok enables HR teams to create quick videos that employees can respond to, facilitating an open dialogue in a faster way. The use of TikTok as an HR tool may also benefit companies by allowing them to connect with a broader and more diverse audience.
Interesting People

Influencer AnnaSoSwede On Creating For Playboy And Time Management As A Creator
One of Anna’s biggest brand collaborations was with Daniel’s Leather, a huge clothing company in New York City. She walked in one of the company’s shows, which provided Anna with many networking opportunities and exposure. This exposure led her to connect with Playboy. 

Anna creates content for Playboy, including photoshoots and modeling. Some of her most popular videos for them have been fun videos she’s taken herself rather than professionally taken shots.

She adds, “I started working with them back in October, and it’s been a journey. It’s also been an incredible networking tool for me because they’re very inclusive. I get invited to a lot of things which has been incredible and then just having that brand behind you as a creator has definitely made me feel more valid.”

As a busy professional, AnnaSoSwede must keep a close eye on her time to keep all aspects of her life running smoothly. 

She explains, “I’m a very disciplined person… Every day is the same thing. I get up at five. I go to the gym. I work out for an hour and a half. I get ready. Every day, I try always to show up to work and meet my clients looking my best because you never know who you’re going to meet. Being in the industry that I’m in if I don’t do that, I feel like it’s harder for me to feel like people are impressed by you.”

However, she shares that despite her discipline, her busy professional life does dominate everything. She typically doesn’t spend much time socializing unless it’s at work or at work-related events. 

“It’s hard. It’s definitely hard to balance the time. I try what I call self-care nights, and then I try to sit at home on my couch and not answer calls, texts, or social media and just give myself that one night a week where I’m completely disconnected.”

Melissa Le On Overcoming Self-Doubt And Balancing Content Creation With Life
Lifestyle influencer Melissa Le shares her tips for overcoming self-doubt, balancing life with content creation, and staying inspired. Melissa, who started as a lip-syncing video creator and was approached by an Australian gym-wear brand, initially struggled with shyness and lack of confidence. However, her journey as a content creator helped her grow in confidence and self-love. 

Her creative process is very genuine and inspired by her lifestyle, with most of her content focused on fashion and fitness. The biggest challenge for Melissa is balancing her time between university, work, and content creation. She overcomes this by choosing one or two days a week to create content, reading comments is also a challenge she faces. Melissa has been approached by brands worldwide and monetizes her platform through TikTok’s Creator Fund. To stay inspired, Melissa suggests content creators take breaks, do what they love, and continue to grow and learn in their personal and professional life.

Savvy Book Influencer Uses Instagram to Share Her Love of Black Literature
Milwaukee-based book influencer Cree Myles has used her Instagram account, "All Ways Black," to celebrate Black literature and authors. The account, backed by Penguin Random House, features book reviews, interviews and content about Black writers and readers. Myles, who grew up loving literature and started organizing a Toni Morrison read-a-thon during the pandemic, partners with Little Free Library to donate books by Black authors and build Little Free Libraries in Black communities. The influencer hopes to continue to grow All Ways Black and promote Black books further into popular culture.

Jake Paul agrees to new winner-takes-all deal to fight YouTube rival KSI
YouTube stars Jake Paul and KSI have agreed to a winner-takes-all fight, provided it is at 180lb and includes a 10-pound rehydration clause. The two have been in talks for a while and had previously agreed to a winner-takes-all match. Jake Paul is set to face Tommy Fury on February 26th in Saudi Arabia before he can take on KSI, who is reportedly looking for one more fight before the showdown. The event could potentially be staged at Wembley Stadium.
Industry News

IZEA Releases The 2023 State of Influencer Earnings
IZEA Worldwide, a provider of influencer marketing technology and services, has released its 2023 State of Influencer Earnings report. The report found that the average cost per post for nano-, micro-, and mid-tier influencers reached all-time highs as marketers increased their influencer marketing spending in 2022. The report analyzed over $70 million in influencer earnings from 2015 to 2022 on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube. Key findings include the rise in average earnings per post for influencers across all tiers, the highest average cost per post on video-based social media platforms, and the highest combined post price average for activations that include posts on YouTube and Instagram Stories. The report also showed that sponsored post prices have risen significantly for influencers with varying follower counts, with the highest increase for nano-influencers and the lowest increase for celebrity influencers with over 1 million followers.

How the layoffs at 100 Thieves underscore esports' creator-executive leadership problems
Esports organization 100 Thieves, which is considered one of the most popular esports brands in the world, has laid off roughly 15% of its workforce following previous layoffs that took place six months earlier. The company, valued at $460 million, has suffered from the challenges faced by many esports organizations, who often have former-pro-gamer executives leading their companies who lack the business skills to turn their successful organizations into sustainable businesses. Despite its positive public image, 100 Thieves has suffered from confusion and executive mismanagement, including a culture of fear and a lack of communication between the CEO and the company's employees.

Peggy Raises $10.8 Million, Introduces a Way for Artists to Earn Royalties With the Official Launch of Its App
Toronto-based firm Peggy has launched its app to provide an opportunity for everyone to buy, sell, and collect contemporary art. By using artificial intelligence (AI) for verification, artists can earn royalties, while collectors have the flexibility to resell their purchases. Peggy raised $10.8m CAD in funding and is backed by a lineup of investors including Tinie Tempah, Janet Bannister, and Bob Harding. The app features emerging and established artists and offers educational materials in the form of editorial articles and interviews with artists. The app also offers a transparent pricing system and a public registry of ownership to give collectors a better understanding of the artwork's history. An invite code is currently in place for a personalized experience, however, collectors can request to join the app.

Supporting creators with an updated account enforcement system
TikTok has updated its account enforcement system to better deal with repeat violators of its Community Guidelines. The new system will allow the platform to permanently ban accounts that repeatedly violate its policies, while also providing creators with more transparency and the ability to view their account status and report records. The updated enforcement system will use strikes, with an account accruing a strike each time it posts content that violates a policy. If an account meets the strike threshold for a particular policy or product feature, it will be banned. The company is also introducing new features in its Safety Center to help creators better understand their account status and appeal enforcement decisions.
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Great Paywalled Content

Why investment in influencer marketing is growing - Ad Age
Advertisers are planning to increase their investment in influencer marketing in 2023, according to a survey conducted by Advertiser Perceptions. The survey found that 53% of the advertisers surveyed plan to increase their spending on influencer marketing, as they shift their budgets from traditional media like print and TV to social media. The top reasons cited for this shift include the connection with young audiences and strong content engagement provided by influencer marketing. The survey also found that short video posts and stories are the most popular content type for both creators and marketers, and that YouTube is the top digital platform used by both. Despite some challenges, such as matching with the right creators and ensuring brand safety, Advertiser Perceptions expects the growth of influencer marketing to continue in 2023, including into new mediums such as augmented reality.

TikTok food trends spike demand and stress on workers and supplies - The Washington Post
TikTok is causing chaos in fast-food restaurants as customers are ordering off-menu items they saw on the social media platform. The trend has put stress on fast-food workers who have to adapt quickly to the custom requests and can lead to ingredient shortages and chaos. Some chain restaurants have adapted to the trend while others are struggling to keep up with the increased demand. A Waffle House in Georgia was flooded with requests for a waffle sandwich that was only shown on TikTok, leading to a sign being posted saying they wouldn't make the off-menu item. Chipotle had a similar experience with increased demand for a steak and fajita quesadilla that went viral on TikTok, causing some stores to deny the dish.

The Unlikely New TikTok Influencers: Old-School Watch Dealers - The New York Times
Old-school watch dealers in Manhattan's diamond district have become unlikely influencers on TikTok. Watch dealers like John Buckley have gained popularity on the platform for their rapid-fire haggling and ability to negotiate purchases of rare timepieces. The draw of these videos lies in the world of person-to-person commerce and the charm of the Midtown patter used in the negotiations. This type of business has often been viewed as unglamorous, but it stands in stark contrast to modern American business, which is more corporate and technology-driven. The success of these watch dealers on TikTok highlights the appeal of a world in which cleverness and interpersonal savvy can be leveraged for profit, something that is increasingly rare in today's business landscape.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Tries Super Bowl ‘Fire Sale’ to Win Back Advertisers - WSJ
Twitter is offering a $250,000 Super Bowl deal to advertisers in an effort to win back those who left the platform after Elon Musk's $44 billion takeover. The deal includes a three-day Super Bowl Weekend ad package, which allows advertisers to run their video ads ahead of NFL highlights. The offer is similar to one Twitter dangled to advertisers in January, offering free ad space on promoted tweet campaigns. The Super Bowl is Twitter's biggest day of the year in terms of ad revenue generated and the platform is hoping it will be its moment to persuade advertisers to return. Advertisers had concerns about Musk's approach to content moderation and worried that their ads would appear near controversial content, causing many to pause their ad spending on Twitter.
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