Are Power Tool Battery Adapters Worth Buying?

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March 10, 2023

When you own a lot of power tools from different brands, it may be tempting to buy a power tool battery adapter that allows you to use batteries from one brand on tools from another. Sounds convenient, but is it really a good idea? In our top story, Cory spells out everything you need to know about power tool battery adapters, if they work, how they work, what the risks are, and if they’re worth buying.

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— Danny

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TODAY'S TOP STORY Are Power Tool Battery Adapters Worth Buying?

When it comes to cordless power tools, you have several options to choose from. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up buying multiple brands with different battery packs. If you’re thinking about getting a power tool battery adapter to run a Milwaukee tool with a spare DeWALT or Snap-On battery, here’s what you need to know. Read More »

Python Network Programming Techniques Is FREE for a Limited Time ($37.99 Value)

With this book, you'll learn about how you can automate your network infrastructure using Python. By the end of it, you'll have not only gained a holistic overview of the different methods to automate the configuration and maintenance of network devices, but also learned how to automate simple to complex networking tasks and overcome common network programming challenges. Best of all, it's completely free!
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Unsolved Case Files – Harmony Ashcroft Review: An Investigative Game

If you’re obsessed with true crime and crime drama TV shows like me, Unsolved Case Files – Harmony Ashcroft is right up your alley. With this game, you become an investigator tasked with solving a 1998 murder that originally put the wrong suspect in jail. Read More »

Dell MS700 Bluetooth Travel Mouse Review: Neat, but Heavily Flawed

Normally, I love when products break from the mold of what’s typical. While the Dell MS700 mouse flattens for travel, it lacks the remaining functionalities needed in a travel mouse. It feels gimmicky when a product’s overall performance suffers to allow for one semi-useful trick. Read More »

The Best MagSafe Power Banks for Your iPhone

Whether you’re at a festival, on a camping trip, or streaming an extra-long show, sometimes you need your phone to go the extra mile. A MagSafe wireless charger can extend your smartphone’s battery life without having to plug it into a charger. Check out the best MagSafe battery packs below. Read More »

Today’s Quordle Answers

Wordle was just too easy, wasn’t it? You probably left that behind and moved on to Quordle, the true “hard mode” of the word-guessing game format. But now you’re stuck and so close to failing. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with a hint—and if you really need it, today’s Quordle Answers. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE Have a ‘Star Wars’ Style Breakfast With This Waffle Maker
Have a ‘Star Wars’ Style Breakfast With This Waffle Maker

Do you love The Mandalorian? Do you love waffles? If the answer to both questions is yes, you need to check out the Star Wars Mandalorian Helmet Shaped Waffle Maker. It’s exactly what it sounds like. You can make waffles that look like your favorite TV Star Wars character every morning. Well, every morning might be excessive. Maybe just two or three times a week.

Today’s Wordle Answer

Are you a huge fan of Wordle and absolutely stuck today? Let me guess; you’re hanging out on guess four or five and feeling the pressure. We get it entirely: nothing feels worse than losing your streak. If you’re not ready to outright cheat, we have you covered with hints and today’s Wordle answer. Read More »

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Rivian’s Electric Service Trucks Are a Sight to Behold

Getting a car repaired is often a hassle. Usually, you must schedule an appointment, take your vehicle to the dealership, and leave it there for hours or even days. But that’s changing, as JerryRigEverything’s Zack Nelson found out recently when Rivian sent a service truck to his home for a repair. Read More »

Raspberry Pi’s New Camera Module Is Ideal for Motion Photography

Two months after launching its Module 3 camera, Raspberry Pi is back with a brand new lens. The Global Shutter Camera is optimized for motion photography and machine vision applications, as it’s immune to the distortion experienced by typical rolling shutter cameras. Read More »

Netflix Now Lets You Change Subtitle Fonts Right From the TV

Have you ever wanted to increase the font size of subtitles on Netflix? Or maybe switch the font entirely and add a shadow, so it’s easier to see? Netflix offers similar customization on the web, but now it’ll be available on any TV. Read More »

Grammarly Cuts Writing Out of the Writing Process

Inspired by ChatGPT, Grammarly is launching an AI composition tool that automatically writes or rewrites content based on user input and context clues. This tool, called GrammarlyGO, will be available to both paid and free Grammarly users in April of 2023. Read More »

Hulu Can’t Broadcast Some Local ABC Stations Anymore

If you use Hulu to watch your local TV stations live, you may notice a channel missing this week. That’s because the streamer has unexpectedly lost the rights to stream content from Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns numerous local ABC affiliates across the United States. Read More »


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Lenovo Partners with Aston Martin on New Super-Powered ThinkStation PCs

Arriving in May of 2023, the Lenovo ThinkStation PX, P7, and P5 offer a ridiculous amount of power in an Aston Martin-designed chassis. These machines feature the latest Intel Xeon processors and NVIDIA RTX Ada Lovelace GPUs—when I say that they’re overpowered, I really mean it. Read More »




Researchers Have Discovered What Vitamin On Meteorite Samples?
Vitamin K »
Vitamin C »
Vitamin B »
Vitamin D »
(Update: Pricing) Roku’s First TVs Are Only Available at One Store

In January, Roku announced that it’s finally building its own TVs, but today you can actually buy one. The all-new Roku Select and Roku Plus Series TVs come in eleven models ranging from 24 to 75 inches, starting at only $149. Read More »

How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

While spring cleaning might have you in full-force decluttering mode in your home, there’s plenty to do outside as well. If you want your lawn to look beautiful throughout the hot months of summer, you will need to get your lawn ready for spring first. Read More »

Android 14: Release Date and Everything Else We Know

Google is already working on Android 14, the big version update for 2023. The yearly release cycle means there’s always goodies on the horizon for Android users. Here’s what we know. Read More »

All Microsoft's PowerToys for Windows 10 and 11, Explained

Microsoft has been releasing more and more PowerToys for Windows 10 and Windows 11. This open-source project adds many powerful features to Windows, from a bulk file renamer to an Alt+Tab alternative that lets you search for windows from your keyboard. Read More »

This Viral Kindle Stand Makes Reading in Bed So Easy

If you’re an avid reader, how great a Kindle can be. Your books are delivered instantly, you can access a new book at any time, and it’s travel-friendly. But if you often read in bed, a Kindle can become cumbersome. Thankfully, TikTok has the answer. Read More »


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