How Discord Stores Trillions of Messages

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How Discord Stores Trillions of Messages

Almost six years after our blog post titled "How Discord Stores Billions of Messages," we’ve changed a lot, and this means how we store messages has needed to adapt as we scale. Engineer Bo Ingram shares insight into how Discord shoulders its traffic and provides a platform for our users to communicate.

Still documenting code in Confluence and Notion? 🚩 (sponsor)

That’s a shame. Stop using the wrong tools to document your codebase. With Swimm, docs are available in the IDE, integrated with code, and 👏 always 👏 up 👏 to 👏 date.

Which web frontend architecture fits best?

This post will help you find the right web frontend architecture that best fits your specific quality goals.

All JavaScript and TypeScript features of the last 3 years

This article goes through almost all of the changes of the last 3 years (and some from earlier) in JavaScript / ECMAScript and TypeScript. Not all of the following features will be relevant to you or…

Adventures in REPL implementation

In a nutshell, REPL consists of three parts: client, server, and communication protocol between them.

A Great Old-Timey Game-Programming Hack

A long time ago, when I was a college undergrad, I spent some time working on computer video games. This was in the 8-bit PC era, when the gaming hardware was almost impossibly slow by today’s standards.

Market Segmentation for Geo-Testing at Scale

Geo-testing, the process of using geographical locations to help businesses understand the impact of their marketing activity, is enjoying a revival.

Capture the Flag 101 Workshop (sponsor)

Want to compete in CTFs but don't know where to start? Join Snyk's CTF 101 workshop and build the security skills and experience you need to compete in CTFs and help advance your career.

BMW shifter converted to a Bluetooth Keyboard that you use with Vim

In this repository, you'll find schematics and PCB designs, stl files, a Vim plugin, and client software for turning a BMW shifter in to a Bluetooth keyboard that can control Vim.

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