Beautiful and mind-bending effects with WebGL Render Targets

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Beautiful and mind-bending effects with WebGL Render Targets

A deep dive into WebGL Render Targets and how to leverage their capabilities in combination with the render loop to create scenes with post-processing effects, transition, and many types of optical illusions to trick the viewer's eyes.

Still documenting code in Confluence and Notion? 🚩 (sponsor)

That’s a shame. Stop using the wrong tools to document your codebase. With Swimm, create docs that include code from multiple repos, is available in the IDE, and is always 👏 up 👏 to 👏 date.


Today we are thrilled to launch, the new home for React and its documentation. In this post, we would like to give you a tour of the new site.

What is Vite and Why Should You Use It Instead of Create React App?

Vite is the new kid on the block. Creat React App has lost its crown! Find out why you should be using Vite over Create React App in 2023.

Internationalization In Next.js 13 With React Server Components

In this article, Jan Amann, based on an example of a multilingual app that displays street photography images from Unsplash, explores next-intl to implement all internationalization needs in React Server Components.

Fine-tuning refs with useImperativeHandle

Understand what refs in React are, how you can use them to manipulate DOM nodes and how you can customize the exposed refs with useImperativeHandle.

How to Drag and Drop in React

A React tutorial by example about how to use drag and drop in React. Here you will learn how to create a drag and drop component in React step by step. First, you will implement it as vertical list, later as horizontal list, and in between with lots of customizations as examples. We will be using react-beautiful-dnd for this React tutorial.

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