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Parts of Twitter's proprietary source code was leaked on GitHub. 


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Big Tech & Startups

Twitter says source code was leaked on GitHub, now it’s trying to find the culprit (2 minute read)

Parts of Twitter's proprietary source code was leaked on GitHub. Twitter filed a DMCA request in order to take down the code, which may have been public for several months. Twitter has also filed a court request in California to find the person responsible and to gather data on GitHub users who may have downloaded the code. The court filing requests to reveal users' personal information, including names, addresses, emails, IP addresses, social media profiles, and telephone numbers. Twitter is reportedly making all code used to recommend tweets open source by March 31st.
Big tech and the pursuit of AI dominance (12 minute read)

A new wave of AI models is causing a frenzy of activity in the tech world. The contest for AI is heating up and it will change the way big tech deploys the technology. Tech giants have been working on AI for years and they have the data, computing power, and users to thrive in the age of AI and to become dominant in the industry. However, there are many examples of dominant companies in the past making missteps during periods of significant change and falling into bankruptcy or irrelevance.

Science & Futuristic Technology

ALOHA (4 minute read)

ALOHA (A Low-cost Open-source HArdware System for Bimanual Teleoperation) is a bimanual teleoperation system that is simple, dependable, performant, and cost-effective. The system costs less than $20,000. ALOHA can perform precise, dynamic, and contact-rich tasks such as RAM insertion, juggling a ping pong ball, and putting on a shoe. The setup has been open-sourced along with a detailed tutorial. It is composed of off-the-shelf robots and 3D printed components. Kits are available for purchase.
Elon Musk’s Neuralink seeking partner for clinical trials (2 minute read)

Neuralink has approached the Barrow Neurological Institute to potentially collaborate on clinical trials. Neuralink’s goal is to develop brain implants for treating conditions like paralysis and blindness. To date, its devices and technology have only been tested on animals. Neuralink's application for human trials was allegedly rejected by the US Food and Drug Administration due to safety concerns. Barrow Neurological Institute is a prime candidate for conducting brain implant research due to its extensive experience in the field.

Programming, Design & Data Science

Cursor (GitHub Repo)

Cursor is a new programming editor that uses AI to generate code. It offers a range of features, including assisting with code editing, fixing lint errors, generating tests, comments on hover, and more. Users can interact with Cursor through a ChatGPT-style interface that understands the content of the file they are working on.
AI-enhanced development makes me more ambitious with my projects (11 minute read)

AI enables developers to undertake more ambitious projects. Tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot save time and increase productivity. This lowers the threshold for investment in projects, making a wider range of projects viable for creators. This article contains several examples of projects that were made possible through AI.
The state of serverless: 9 insights from telemetry data (Sponsor)

Serverless has become a staple of cloud architecture. But how is it used in practice? Datadog examined telemetry data from thousands of companies’ serverless applications, and identified key themes in how teams are using serverless today — including meaningful differences between different cloud providers. Get the full trends report from Datadog


ChatGPT Gets a Computer (16 minute read)

Computers are inherently dumb, but at a mindblowing speed. ChatGPT works by predicting the next word that is most likely going to occur in a sentence. It can sound intelligent, but the way it works still makes many doubt its capabilities. Adding plugins for ChatGPT has increased its abilities and allows it to access information from sites such as Wolfram Alpha for more accurate information. ChatGPT can use these plugins to access computers to create better answers.
Tech’s AI Armies Are Huge, Yet Struggling to Innovate (9 minute read)

Silicon Valley's most significant firms have amassed large AI teams, yet lack innovative services with substantial impacts. While the industry's leading technology firms possess an estimated 33,000 people devoted to AI research and development, they have been slow and cautious in their approach to services featuring the technology. It took the launch of ChatGPT to prompt them into action. The larger tech firms' approach has highlighted the importance of careful exploration, but it also shows how caution can slow down progress.

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Troubled Silicon Valley Bank Acquired by First Citizens (3 minute read)

SVB customers will automatically become First Citizens customers and former SVB branches will open as First Citizens branches on Monday.
WebKit Features in Safari 16.4 (38 minute read)

Safari 16.4 includes 135 new web features and over 280 polish updates.
Android app from China executed 0-day exploit on millions of devices (8 minute read)

Malicious versions of the Pinduoduo app were found on third-party markets but not on the official Google Play store or Apple's App Store.
What Does the Near Future of Artificial Intelligence Look Like and What Should I Build? (8 minute read)

Running both a platform and a consumer strategy is challenging and allows competitors to go after both sides of the business.
The Prospect of an AI Winter (20 minute read)

There are many indicators that we are in a classic bubble scenario with AI, which could lead to an AI winter happening by 2030.
Here is the FBI’s Contract to Buy Mass Internet Data (4 minute read)

A company called Team Cymru obtains netflow data from ISPs which it then sells to the government.


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