Twitter blocks Substack 🐦, Meta's 7-figure metaverse salaries 👨‍💻, Stable Diffusion's money issues 💰

Substack links are being marked as unsafe on Twitter. 


Daily Update 2023-04-10


Big Tech & Startups

Twitter is now marking Substack links as unsafe (2 minute read)

Substack links are being marked as unsafe on Twitter. Twitter now shows a notice warning users that the site is potentially spammy or unsafe. Users are also unable to embed tweets into their stories or like or retweet posts containing Substack links. It appears the move against Substack may be due to the recent launch of its Twitter-like 'Notes' feature.
Stability AI is on shaky ground as it burns through cash and looks at a management overhaul (6 minute read)

Stability AI, unlike its competitors, has no deep-pocketed partners. The company has burned through a significant chunk of the money it has raised, and investors are now unsure whether to participate in its next funding round, which would quadruple the firm's valuation to $4 billion. Some employees have lost faith in Stability AI's CEO, but there are plans to bring in strong executive talent. The company's future depends on whether it can develop cutting-edge AI models on its own and whether it can ramp up sales to large companies.

Science & Futuristic Technology

Land it like SpaceX: China claims breakthrough in rocket vertical landing (2 minute read)

China's CAS Space has successfully tested a rocket's vertical landing in the ocean. Its rocket prototype flew more than 1,000 meters and then dropped smoothly using reverse thrust, landing with a precision of less than 10 meters. The test could lead to the reuse of rocket stages similar to SpaceX's technology. Future Chinese rocket models will make use of the technology, which could result in significant cost savings for launches.
This startup wants to create a penicillin for viruses (8 minute read)

New Zealand-based startup Kimer Med is attempting to develop a broad-spectrum antiviral that uses a target in human cells to attack a wide variety of viruses. Its approach involves identifying double-stranded RNA, a signal that most viral infections create, and then triggering a process that will kill the infected cell. The mechanism has already shown some promise in lab studies. There are still many challenges to overcome, but if the company is successful, the technology could bring a change as significant as broad-spectrum antibiotics were for the world.

Programming, Design & Data Science

Perseus (GitHub Repo)

Perseus is a frontend web development framework. It supports generating page state at build-time, request-time, incrementally, or at any other time. Perseus aims to support every major rendering strategy to provide developers with the ability to efficiently create super-fast apps.
Croner (GitHub Repo)

Croner is Cron for JavaScript and TypeScript. It lets users trigger functions, evaluate cron expressions, and obtain a list of upcoming run times without any dependencies. Croner operates in-memory, requiring no configuration files or databases. It supports Node.js, Deno, and Bun. Croner features built-in overrun protection and error handling. Users can pause, resume, or stop execution after a task is scheduled.
Import CSV data 10x faster (Sponsor)

Stop manually fixing your customer’s data and delight them with frictionless onboarding instead. Implement in one day. See a demo of OneSchema


Salary packages approached $1 million as Meta paid to play in metaverse (9 minute read)

Programmers capable of building out virtual reality games, apps, and technology earned total compensation packages from $600,000 to up to $1 million from Meta. The company is paying much more than other gaming companies. It is also trying to reign in costs while investing in the metaverse. Meta's high salaries are part of a larger trend where the company is willing to outspend competitors to lure in the best talent. It will likely be years before the company's metaverse ambitions come to fruition.
Inside Google's Plan to Kill the Cookie (16 minute read)

Google plans to get rid of third-party cookies next year. It will replace them with a 'Privacy Sandbox' that will establish a targeted advertising system that is better for user privacy. Privacy Sandbox will turn Chrome and Android into tracking tools and let companies use that information without learning users' identities. The change could fundamentally transform how companies make money on the internet. This article contains an interview with Victor Wong, Google's senior director of product management for Privacy SandBox, where he discusses how the new policy will transform the digital economy.

Quick Links

PL/Rust (GitHub Repo)

PL/Rust is a loadable procedural language that enables writing PostgreSQL functions in the Rust programming language.
We’re one step closer to reading an octopus’s mind (11 minute read)

This article looks at the past, present, and future of research into octopus intelligence.
Is the Employer-Employee Social Contact in Tech ... Now Broken? (2 minute read)

Layoffs have now become routine for the first time in tech, suggesting that there is no longer a social contract between workers and employers to keep long term relationships.
There’s a new form of keyless car theft that works in under 2 minutes (9 minute read)

Controller Area Network injection attacks were discovered after a cybersecurity researcher specializing in automobiles had his vehicle stolen.
Tabby (GitHub Repo)

Tabby is a self-hosted AI coding assistant that can be used as an alternative to GitHub Copilot.
Cancer and heart disease vaccines ‘ready by end of the decade’ (5 minute read)

A leading pharmaceutical firm is confident that vaccines for cancer, cardiovascular, and autoimmune diseases will be ready by 2030.


Metatheory - Backend Engineer (Remote) (Fully Remote, $120,000 - $150,000)

Metatheory is hiring a Backend Engineer to design and develop high-quality, scalable, and reliable backend systems for a technology-driven entertainment company.
Justworks - Software Engineer, React-Native (New York City, New York, $115,000 - $155,000)

Justworks is hiring a Software Engineer to build, deploy, and maintain large-scale, complex applications for a company that provides expert support for payroll software, company benefits, HR software, compliance, and more.
The Sidney Group LLC - Sr Machine Learning Engineer (Dallas, Texas, $130,000 - $160,000)

The Sidney Group LLC is a third-party recruiter hiring for a Sr Machine Learning Engineer to develop and deploy machine learning models and algorithms for a variety of applications for a well-established company in the Dallas, Texas area.
Karat Financial - Head of Marketing (Los Angeles, California, $100,000 - $200,000)

Karat Financial is hiring a Head of Marketing to drive demand, grow the brand, and build a team for a company that is building products that help creators spend less time worrying about finances so they can focus on creating.

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