Digest #106: I love git-blame-someone-else! 😳

#106: I love git-blame-someone-else!

This week, I've compiled yet another selection of the latest insights, tutorials, and tools in the DevOps space for you.

Kicking things off, I have an example of AWS Lambda's 'lazy loading' technique. Next, I've chosen an insightful piece on why trunk-based development may be a preferable approach over long-lived feature branches.

In the realm of AWS, we explore why the SSM Parameter Store continues to outshine Secrets Manager. Additionally, I've included a tutorial on customizing error handling in AWS Step Functions. For those handling webhooks, I've chosen a migration story on utilizing the AWS Serverless stack for effective and scalable webhook delivery. Machine learning enthusiasts will appreciate a detailed walkthrough I found on deploying Hugging Face Models on Serverless GPUs.

I also feature a piece on advanced AWS Lambda optimization techniques. Switching gears to databases, I've included an enlightening piece on PostgreSQL and the new features expected in SQL:2023.

In terms of open-source projects, I've highlighted a few fascinating ones. First, a somewhat tongue-in-cheek tool titled "How to blame someone else for your bad code with Git." Following this, I showcase an open-source observability tool designed for monitoring Kubernetes apps, and a tool that helps you detect and remediate misconfigurations and security risks across your GitHub and GitLab assets.

As always, there's much more to explore in the full newsletter. So, stay curious, keep learning, and enjoy this week's digest!
"Lambda lazy loading" - How to identify opportunities where Lazy Loading dependencies can help you reduce Cold Start Latency - Read more »
"Why I prefer trunk-based development" - Trunk-based development, done in a disciplined way, streamlines the development process, enhances team collaboration, improves code stability - Read more »
"Who will win: Kubernetes or a simple list request?" - This article documents the problem of multiple requests being sent to the Kubernetes API server from one of the cluster applications - Read more »
"Why SSM Parameter Store still reigns over Secrets Manager" - Why the tried-and-true SSM Parameter Store is still the preferred choice for many developers and dive into the advantages it has over Secrets Manager - Read more »
"Customizing error handling in Step Functions" - We can customize error handling in Step Functions using the built-in Retry and Catch fields - Read more »
"Utilizing AWS Serverless stack for webhook delivery at scale" - How to use Lambda, SNS, and SQS to scale millions of webhook events - Read more »
"Learn x86-64 assembly by writing a GUI from scratch" - How to write a whole program in assembly that opens a GUI window - Read more »
"Deploy Hugging Face Models on Serverless GPU" - How to use Beam to deploy dolly-v2-7b, an open source large language model from Databricks, which responds similar to ChatGPT - Read more »
"Taking the next leap with AWS Lambda" - Advanced AWS Lambda optimization techniques to extract maximum performance and efficiency from your Lambda functions - Read more »
1️⃣ Blame someone else for your bad code with Git - Learn more »
2️⃣ The easy button for learning, testing and demoing Amazon EKS - Learn more »
3️⃣ Build web apps in Jupyter Notebook with Python only - Learn more »
4️⃣ jq for binary formats, a CLI for working with binary and text formats - Learn more »
5️⃣ Detect and remediate misconfigurations and security risks across all your GitHub and GitLab assets - Learn more »
6️⃣ Pixie is an open-source observability tool for Kubernetes applications - Learn more »
"8 hot takes: will we see a monolithic renaissance?" - Read more »
"Platform as a Runtime (PaaR): beyond Platform Engineering" - Read more »
"Retiring the AWS Documentation on GitHub" - Read more »
"PostgreSQL and SQL:2023" - Read more »
Hand-picked DevOps opportunities to work from home, remotely, freelance, full-time, part-time, contract and internships - See more »
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