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I’m watching the clock as the deadline approaches for our Q3 fundraising drive. With just 4 days left, we’re still $150,000 away from our goal of raising $400,000 in reader support by September 30.

You don’t usually hear from me, but my name is Michael Sherrard, and as The Intercept’s membership director, it’s my job to meet our ambitious goals for fundraising from readers and members like you.

Right now, that means I’m watching the clock as the deadline approaches for our Q3 fundraising drive. With just four days left, we’re still $150,000 away from our goal of raising $400,000 in reader support by September 30.

This goal matters because digital news is in trouble. Costs continue to rise, traffic is down, and platforms like Facebook are turning away from news and politics, taking readers with them. Sites like BuzzFeed News and Vice have shut down or filed for bankruptcy.

Some have gone so far as to call it “the end of this digital media age.”

The Intercept’s nonprofit newsroom is different, because reader support means we don’t have to please advertisers or shareholders. But that doesn’t mean that we’re immune to economic pressure — in fact, we’re counting on you to fill this gap.

Will you make a donation of $5 to The Intercept and help us reach our goal of $400,000 by September 30?

The Intercept is still here in large part due to the incredible success of our membership program, which we launched in 2017. Since then, more than 100,000 people have donated to The Intercept, with many signing up as recurring monthly donors.

This has provided us with a unique base of support to fund the long-term reporting projects and investigations that The Intercept is known for.

But I will tell you that every time I speak to one of our reporters or sit in on an editorial meeting, I hear ideas for new investigations that we would love to take on if we had more resources.

I want every one of those promising investigations to move forward, and I know you do too. But to make that happen, we need more readers to step up with a donation.

Will you make a donation of $5 and help us meet our goal today?


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