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We’ve got huge news about going passwordless with passkeys, a primer on data breaches and how we keep you safe, a brilliant case study with the Associated Press, and much more!

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1Password Surpasses $250 Million in ARR, Propelled by Rapid B2B Growth
Milestones often represent pivotal moments of achievement. We’re proud to share that 1Password recently reached an important milestone, surpassing $250 million in annual recurring revenue, driven by the momentum of our B2B business, with B2B revenue growing 50% year-over-year – check out more from the Business Wire article.
How The Associated Press keeps journalists’ data safe with 1Password
Because of the sensitive nature of their work, the Associated Press needed a password management solution that would fit their unique needs. They needed something that was accessible on mobile and that would work even when their journalists weren’t online. With an increased risk of cyberattacks, they also had to improve their security visibility across the entire organization to help stop threats before they happened. Find out how 1Password helped solve these challenges and others in our new case study.
It’s now easier to get your 1Password invoice
Good news! To help make your administrative and accounting processes simpler, we’ve changed the way you receive 1Password invoices. Now, any time you make a billing change or your bill has been paid, you will receive your invoice as a PDF attachment in an email.
1Password will be at Authenticate 2023

The Authenticate Conference is the industry’s only conference dedicated to the who, what, why and how of user authentication – with a focus on the FIDO standards-based approach. 1Password will be there from October 16-18, 2023: Carlsbad, CA (just North of San Diego) and Virtual. If you’ll be attending, stop by and say hello at booth 220!

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"It’s hard not to recognize how important it is to listen to the customer and build the products they want and need."
- Jeff Shiner, 1Password CEO
1Password Business Demo
The 1Password Business Demo will help you learn the platform's many features, how to use it effectively, and how to maximize security and productivity in the process. We have plenty of timeslots available in ET, PT, GMT, CET, and EET, so everyone is welcome! Join us on October 3 as we showcase different aspects of 1Password Business with easy-to-follow instructions.
The Heart of Cybersecurity Webinar Series: Jessica Barker
This series aims to explore what’s at the heart of the complex world of cybersecurity: real people solving real problems. Learn about using behavioral science to help people be more confident with cyber security, how human bias makes us all susceptible to social engineering – and what we can do about it.
1Password Enterprise Demo
Join us on September 28, 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET for a guided tour of 1Password's Enterprise features. Learn about vaults, role-based access controls, infrastructure integrations, and the reporting & auditing tools that help you deploy 1Password successfully at scale. Plus, dig into 1Password Advanced Protection features and deepen your understanding of the end user experience.
How 1Password keeps your data safe
Protecting your data is 1Password’s first priority. It guides every decision we make and every feature we implement.Learn how your company data is secured with 1Password, why 1Password Business customers are better protected against evolving threats, and why that would continue to be the case even in the unlikely event of a breach.
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Wannabe Barbie Watchtower Craze
From a wannabe rapper guilty of bitcoin laundering to scammers who are using Barbie-mania to steal personal information, we have all that and more in this episode’s Watchtower Weekly. We also sit-down with Vlad Boldura from Visma, plus, we introduce our new and highly requested security tips segment: Did You Know?
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