Lizard Pals, Jake Steaks, & Babysitters 🥩

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How To Pamper A Lizard

Did a lizard wander into your house today? Don’t kill it or shoo it away. Name it, groom it and pamper it. Make it a part of your family.

Lizards, hamsters, guinea pigs are not just creepy, crawly, lab animals anymore. These pocket-sized pals are stealing the spotlight from cats and dogs, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. That’s right. People are now getting into unique pets. The number of American households embracing these diminutive companions has surged by 7% this year.

Reasons: A wave of unique pet startups and specialized products created just for them. Moreover, while pet adoption rates increased during the pandemic, the popularity of dog ownership declined.

Maybe people are just looking for something different, or an interesting conversation starter.

Source: GuineaDad

Either way, startups are setting up all sorts of products to groom and train your pet lizards and guinea pigs.

  • Rock and Scott offers cozy habitats, miniature party hats, and a range of other goodies. 
  • GuineaDad crafts customizable wooden castles fit for guinea pig royalty. 
  • Pocket’s Pet has a delightful array of snacks, chew toys, and accessories on Etsy. 
  • Norm's Piggy Pen gives spa services like nail trims and blow-drys for guinea pigs, rabbits, and ferrets. 
  • PetSmart creates stylish decor for small pets, including faux leather and sherpa couches.

Though these pets may be small, the potential for profit is enormous, with businesses eagerly competing for a piece of the massive $136.8 billion pet market.

Looted By The Pseudo Babysitters

The tables have turned in the wild world of online scams! You might think it's the seniors who are falling for these digital tricksters, but guess what? The TikTok-savvy, emoji-loving Gen Z is giving them a run for their money, literally!

The generation that practically grew up with the internet as their babysitter is now the one falling into the scammer's traps. In a survey of over 2,000 Americans, Deloitte unearthed some shocking statistics:

  • Gen Z is three times more likely than boomers to get hoodwinked by an online scam.
  • They're also twice as likely to get their social media accounts hacked compared to boomers.

But what's the deal here? Well, it's pretty simple, really. The younger crowd practically lives their entire lives online, chatting, shopping, and scrolling away. This gives them more chances to stumble upon a shady Instagram account promising to make them crypto billionaires overnight or an online store selling sneakers that mysteriously disappear after you've handed over your cash.

Scam losses are skyrocketing too, with e-con artists making a cool $210 million off of these young bucks last year, up from a paltry $8.2 million in 2017, according to Social Catfish. 

Average Steak And Fake Proposal

There’s a fake restaurant in town. Well, almost fake! 

Mehran’s Steak House has a near-perfect Google rating, with 91 glowing reviews. Their website and voice mail state that the restaurant, on East 83rd Street in Manhattan, is fully booked for months, an irresistible challenge for New Yorkers who treat reservation-hunting like a professional sport.

Yet few diners have been lucky enough to land a reservation. Most will never get a seat. Why? Because the restaurant does not exist. 

Mehran’s is an elaborate joke among friends that, somewhere along the way, became entirely serious. 

Image from Mehran's website

The restaurant’s address was actually a “hacker house” occupied by 16  tech workers. One of the flatmates - Mehran Jalali — cooked steaks for his roommates’ dinners. As an internal joke, the flatmates renamed their address on Google Maps as Mehran’s Steak House. From there, grew a waiting list of hundreds (more than 900), hoping to get a seat at the restaurant. 

Seeing the over-enthusiastic waitlist, the flatmates decided to stage a dinner. They booked an event space in the East Village, contacted people from the waiting list, and brought on board some volunteers for help. The guests included restaurateurs, food critics, hospitality and brand managers from local restaurants, curious to find out what about this restaurant made it so special. Soon enough, they realised that there was nothing special — they were just experiencing the punch line of some online joke between a bunch of friends.

The friends developed a four-course menu ($114 before tax, tip and wine). But the food tasted average. Not surprisingly, though, as the chefs weren’t really professionals, but 21 years olds with little to no cooking experience. 

At one point in the evening, a group of young people stood outside cheering for Drake, an attempt to convince passers-by that the rapper was inside. Three hours into dinner service, two volunteers staged a marriage proposal at the front of the dining room — as a social experiment.

Steak served at Mehran's | Source: The Seattle Times

Biting Into The AI Apple
Since 2017, Apple has been the top buyer of AI and machine learning companies, according to market research firm PitchBook. Apple has purchased 21 AI startups since 2017, nearly double the number that Microsoft and Meta have bought. Accenture, a global consulting firm, bought 19—good for second-most behind Apple.

All of this, despite the fact that Apple hasn't been very vocal about its craze for AI or investments in AI technology for its products. 

Shorts ⏳

💀 Dead Market - 95% of NFTs are now worthless, according to a recent report.

🧑‍🎓 Learning to Influence - A university in Ireland will now offer a degree to become an influencer.

🌏 A New Continent - Newly discovered, Zealandia has become the 8th continent of the world. 

🥷 Killing a CEO - A 26-year old CEO, Papa LaPere, named in Forbes 30 under 30, was killed by strangulation and blunt force trauma in Baltimore. 

🧑‍🎨 No Room For Art - The Art Institutes, a network of for-profit US art colleges, will close its remaining eight schools this week. 

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