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January 19th, 2024

This week was an important one for the YC W24 batch, but not one that’s super-widely known outside of YC: the retreat.

At the beginning of each batch, we take over an awesome venue for a few days and bring all of the new founders together in person. It’s an opportunity for these founders to hit pause on work for just a couple of days and really get to know the people they’ll be building alongside for the years ahead.

While the retreat is specifically not meant to be one big work sprint, it’s wild how much progress just happens when you get a bunch of smart people together under one roof. I can’t count how many times this week I’ve seen a founder mention a challenge their startup is facing only for the person they’re speaking with to say “Wait! You should meet [another founder standing five feet away]. They worked on exactly that for years!”

Founders are encouraged to give off-the-cuff talks about things they know a lot about, whatever that may be. (This week, for example, I learned how to land a plane in an emergency situation — or at least not crash quite as hard — from a founder who is also a pilot.) The Group Partners get super candid about the realities of building a startup, and about their own founder journeys. There is literally zero “always be crushing it” vibe; it’s all just very real

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- Greg

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🚩 What are some "red flags" in YC interviews?

In this Mailbag mini-episode, Dalton Caldwell shares some things founders definitely shouldn't do during YC interviews.

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FDA clears Darmiyan's (S17) AI that predicts Alzheimer’s progression from an MRI scan
Fierce Biotech
Infield (W20) wants to make open source dependency management trivial
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Automate manual workflows within your company with an AI Agent
We simplify and accelerate the federal grant application process.
Auto Wiki generates a wiki style website based on your repo
Now available as an OpenAI GPT, iPhone app, and Android app!
We make it easy for companies fix vulnerable code by automating away 80% of the engineering work needed.
Future of inspections for real estate, aerospace, manufacturing
We help aerospace engineers rapidly design, test, and simulate control systems
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  3. Show HN: I made a website to find best bus seat to avoid the sun while traveling (sitinshade.com)
    950 points by Amithv | 207 comments

  4. US developers can offer non-app store purchasing, Apple still collect commission (www.macrumors.com)
    909 points by virgildotcodes | 1287 comments

  5. Remote work doesn't seem to affect productivity, Fed study finds (www.bloomberg.com)
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  9. Dave Mills has died (elists.isoc.org)
    610 points by todsacerdoti | 61 comments

  10. Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years (1998) (norvig.com)
    583 points by janchorowski | 301 comments
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