Why is Google MANUALLY Deindexing So Many Sites?

Over the last 10 days, Google has been manually deindexing sites at a higher rate than I've ever seen.

This appears to coincide with some policy changes that Google along with the Google core and spam updates rolling out right now.

They are targeting "scaled content". This could be AI generated content, programmatic content, or even human assisted content done at a mass scale.

According to a study by Originality.ai, 1446 websites out of the 79,000 sites they looked at had been manually deindex.

This news is quite nuanced and so Jared and I sat down yesterday and recorded an episode to chat about it.

Watch...Why is Google MANUALLY Deindexing So Many Sites?

We also cover several other news stories during this episode.

And of course, we share a couple of weird niche sites.

Today's niche site is one of my favorite in a while: HorseNameIdeas dot com.

Ever have troubles naming your horse?

Not anymore!

The best part?

This site is seeing a big increase in traffic since the March core update started:

I share several "interesting" findings about this website during today's episode.

Go ahead and listen to today's episode of This Week in Niche Pursuits News right here.

Want to see the "Inside" of an Amazon Influencer Business?

On Monday, I recorded a live call with the Niche Pursuits Community.

I shared my earnings, my backend dashboard for Amazon Influencer, and even my standard operating procedures!

You can now get full access to the recording, the SOPS, and everything inside the Niche Pursuits Community here.

In addition, Jared Bauman (host of the Niche Pursuits podcast) will be joining the community LIVE next Thursday to share his own Amazon Influencer strategies.

Jared is currently making about $1,000 a week with his Amazon Influencer videos.

Want to be on that call with Jared?

Go ahead and join the Niche Pursuits Community right here.

Thanks again and I hope you have a great weekend!


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