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ISSUE 211  March 16th 2024




Welcome to the 211th issue!

Alright, let's talk money today, shouldn't we?

This week, I found this thread: For those working in Europe, let's share salaries!

While it's surely not a comprehensive overview, two things are immediately clear:

  • how the salaries differ between the European countries,
  • how low some of them can be.

And if you're interested in a more representative comparison per country, I recommend checking data on, as well as revisiting some of the salary surveys I shared in the past.

Happy testing! 🙂

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Benefits of Test Reports for Single Tasks Even for Positive Results

I liked Andrey Enin's approach to writing mini-reports for each tested ticket. It's one of the things you may not appreciate until you realise you need it.

And if you find some bugs while doing so, Naz Tekinalp wrote a handy guide to Crafting Effective Bug Reports.  Permalink


How hard is the market now for QA role?

There isn't much optimism among the testing community regarding the current job market. Apparently, there are still very few QA jobs.

That naturally makes people think: How to be ahead of the game for the next 5, 10 years in QA space?  Permalink


How I see the QA mindset — The Messenger — #2

Adrian Ciuciui continues the insightful series on earning a QA mindset by becoming better at communicating and handling difficult situations.

Furthermore, Emna Ayadi shares 7 Lessons Every Quality Coach Should Acknowledge.  Permalink


Shift-Right Testing

If you're wondering what this practice is about, João Coelho wrote a clear, high-level explanation.

In relation to that, Lisa Crispin shares an insightful look back at release engineering.  Permalink


Transforming Software Defects into Product Opportunities

How is it that some bugs are features? Bhagya Perera dives deep into understanding this phenomenon and explains it well with real-world examples.

Also, Bas Dijkstra explains why It depends when answering such questions.  Permalink


Why Quality Isn't Equal to Testing: Where Quality of Your Product Truly Resides?

Karina N. has some sound reasoning as to why testing doesn't necessarily impose quality.

And Mike Harris seconds that by saying It is better if we build quality into the product instead of trying to test quality in.  Permalink




Handling Flaky Tests in LLM-powered Applications

With more and more apps using LLM, it's important to know how to design stable tests for them. Tomas Fernandez explains in detail how to achieve that.  Permalink


I don't get the ScreenPlay Pattern

If don't understand the benefits of the Screenplay Pattern, you're not alone. Here's what the community thinks about it.

Also, Fabio Dias explains how to properly implement The abstraction layers in test automation.  Permalink


In-Sprint Test Automation On Agile Teams: Yes You Can!

Testing is an important role of agile practices and, ideally, it should be done along with feature implementation. Swathika Visagn gives valuable advice on how to influence that.

What may also help is 1 Simple Way Developers Can Improve Testability, as Paul Sapnik describes.  Permalink


Keeping Automation Up With The Joneses

It's easy to follow whatever best practices and tools some famous companies have. But Paul Grizzaffi reminds us that it doesn't always translate to achieving the same effects.  Permalink


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3 Simple Steps to Become a Job-Ready Automation Tester with Roadmap

If you are a fresh graduate, already a manual tester, or a non-IT person wanting to enter the QA role as Automation Tester, join the free webinar to learn about the Roadmap to Become a Job-Ready Automation Tester. Sign up for free!  Permalink




Appium Journey: The Leap from 1.x to 2.x

Want to migrate to Appium 2.0? Nidhi R describes what it takes to make it happen, using helpful examples.  Permalink


Component Testing with SafeTest Vs. Cypress Vs. WebdriverIO

Following last week's comparison of Cypress and SafeTest, this time it's Christian Bromann who takes a closer look at the new tool's capabilities when compared to Cypress and WebdriverIO.  Permalink


Comprehensive Playwright-Powered End-to-End Testing using Page Object Model

Balaji Kumarasamy created a helpful demo of setting up a test automation framework with Playwright. You can find the repository here.

Furthermore, Cerosh Jacob shows how to write Clean Test Cases Using Page Object Model (POM) in Playwright.  Permalink


Is Selenium becoming obsolete?

It's a question that many of you may also wonder about. Here's what the community thinks about Selenium among other new tools.  Permalink




The "A" Word...revisited

Alan Page shares some insightful reflections on his decade-old book called The "A" Word about test automation.  Permalink




CI/CD Systems — Information Software tester must know

If you want to learn about what CI/CD is and why we use it, Daniel Knott recorded a helpful overview.  Permalink


Testing Is Bad For Developer Productivity

In this 8-minute video, Trisha Gee explores whether testing impacts developer productivity in a positive or negative way. You can also find more insights in the comments.  Permalink




Testing Bullshit Bingo... 😂



Thanks for reading!

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