Kotlin Weekly - Kotlin Weekly #398


ISSUE #398

17th of March 2024


The Ktor Roadmap for 2024
Garth Gilmour writes about the roadmap we can expect for Ktor in 2024.

Kotlin Roundup: Unveiling the New Compose Multiplatform Release, Amper Update, and More!
In this roundup from JetBrains you can explore some of the highlights of what has happened in the Kotlin ecosystem lately.


Kotlin's JDK release compatibility flag
Jake Wharton wrote an article on how researching a crash moved him to explore some Java and Kotlin flags and how they affected their code.

Stop Debating in Code Reviews. Start Enforcing with Lint Rules
You should not lose time over pointless discussions on Pull Requests. Stelios Frantzeskakis wrote about how to enforce architecture and best practices as unit tests with Konsist.

Analyzing your Gradle dependencies
Segun Famisa wrote an article giving some tips on how to analyze our Gradle dependencies.

Measuring and analyzing the KotlinJS bundle size
In this article, folks from TouchLab present two different ways of analyzing and measuring KotlinJS bundle size.


Improving mobile performance, from slow screens to app start time
Got a slow mobile app? Check out how to speed it up with things like TTID/TTFD and app start analysis. 🏎️


The Night’s Watch: Safeguarding store operations
Edgar Miró, from Mercadona, expands a previous article on how they test their app with Maestro.

Stressing the JVM GC on Android
This post talks about a way to stress the Java garbage collector on Android.

Opinion: Jetpack Compose needs a Design System layer
Read the latest article by Nick Rout, where he argues how Material Design should be a choice and not the default in a world of Android complexity, Compose Multiplatform and others.


Kotlin Tutorial - Kotlin at Light Speed
Daniel Ciocirlan published a 2-hour YouTube series of videos on Kotlin fundamentals.

Getting creative with jqwik generators - Advanced property-based testing in Kotlin
Duncan McGregor keeps exploring jqwik generators and property-based testing in his latest video.


Roboto Conference: where tech meets beauty
Join us on June 6-7 for the Roboto Conference in Verona, Italy. Eighteen speakers will explore cutting-edge topics about Kotlin and Android development. It’s a unique opportunity to meet some of the most influential figures in the industry, all in one of Italy's most beautiful cities.


Kilua RPC
Kilua RPC is a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) library designed for full-stack applications created with Kotlin.


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