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AI's Influence on Copyright Law, Election Security, Video Generation Advancements, and Offers Insights Into AI Integration for Businesses and Coding.

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ISSUE 179  March 27th 2024

Justin Grammens

Justin Grammens


Welcome Applied AI Weekly Readers to Issue 179! I'm thrilled to once again share with you the most interesting articles I've found this past week on Artificial Intelligence. Before we go there, here are a few things to note:...

  • I did a virtual Workshop on Wednesday back on March 6th entitled Let's Learn LangChain! You can watch the recording of that talk. Be sure to like and subscribe as well!
  • I'll be doing a follow-up virtual Workshop Wednesday on April 3rd entitled Let's Continue Learning LangChain!. Regardless of your background or technical level, if you've always wanted to learn more about LangChain and how it is revolutionizing the way applications work with Large Language Models, I hope you can join us!
  • I'm continuing to offer free consultation with many business leaders on how AI is changing the landscape of how you will run your business today and into the future. This can be everything from how I'm working on building chatbots, looking at open source LLMs, and how GPTs are changing how products are being developed from product management to software engineering. Connect today and book a meeting with me.
  • Be sure to check out the Conversation on Applied AI Podcast where I have the privilege of talking with experts working in AI today. We are on all your favorite podcasting platforms and be sure to like and subscribe while you are there!
  • Finally, be sure to visit the AppliedAI.MN and Applied AI Spring Conference 2024 to register for all the upcoming events.

Now that we have that covered, please enjoy the articles that I have spent time finding and curating for you this past week. Reach out if there's anything you feel I might have missed. Enjoy!

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Why Men Shouldn’t Control Artificial Intelligence

Science fiction has always inspired innovation. Mobile phones were used in Star Trek before they existed in the real world. Writers imagined bionic limbs, military tanks, submarines and the internet before their actual creation. As the American academic John Jordan writes in Robots (2016): “Science fiction set the boundaries of the conceptual playing field before the engineers did.”  Permalink


Generative AI Might Finally Bend Copyright Past the Breaking Point

It took Ralph Ellison seven years to write Invisible Man. It took J. D. Salinger about 10 to write The Catcher in the Rye. J. K. Rowling spent at least five years on the first Harry Potter book. Writing with the hope of publishing is always a leap of faith. Will you finish the project? Will it find an audience?  Permalink




Software Development Done Right™

Making sense of how Artificial Intelligence should be applied in your software product is difficult - We’re Here for You. We help business leaders successfully build and launch their AI-powered software products with a proven system and a top-tier crew of software development experts. Contact us today for your next software development project!  Permalink




Artificial Intelligence Is Game Changer for Election Interference

The warning comes days after a top lawmaker warned the U.S. is less prepared for meddling than it was four years ago. FBI Director Christopher Wray issued the latest warning about attempts to meddle with American voters as they decide whom to support when they go to the polls come November, telling a meeting of security professionals Thursday that technologies such as artificial intelligence are already altering the threat landscape.  Permalink


LLM Prompt Injection Worm

In one instance, the researchers, acting as attackers, wrote an email including the adversarial text prompt, which “poisons” the database of an email assistant using retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), a way for LLMs to pull in extra data from outside its system.  Permalink




OpenAI Just Dropped New Sora Videos — and They Have to Be Seen to Be Believed

OpenAI keeps teasing the capabilities of its Sora generative video model and the latest clips are getting closer to a Hollywood production than any we’ve seen from AI to date — and all from a single prompt.  Permalink


Competition in AI Video Generation Heats up as DeepMind Alums Unveil Haiper

AI-powered video generation is a hot market on the back of OpenAI’s releasing the Sora model last month. Two DeepMind alums, Yishu Miao and Ziyu Wang, have publicly released their video-generation tool Haiper with its own AI model underneath.  Permalink




Understanding Risk, Artificial Intelligence, and Improving Software Quality - NASA

The software discipline has broad involvement across each of the NASA Mission Directorates. Some recent discipline focus and development areas are highlighted  Permalink


What Is Retrieval-Augmented Generation aka RAG

Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) is a technique for enhancing the accuracy and reliability of generative AI models with facts fetched from external sources. Additionally, RAG generation gives models sources they can cite, like footnotes in a research paper, so users can check any claims. That builds trust.  Permalink


Nvidia CEO Rings Alarm on IT Jobs, Says With AI No One Will Require Java or C to Do Coding

When OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT in November 2022, people were left amazed by its capabilities. From asking it to compose music and poetry to using it to debug and write code, people found all sorts of uses for the AI chatbot. With ChatGPT, the popularity of generative AI reached new heights and companies like Google and Microsoft also shortly unveiled their own chatbots, Bard (now Gemini) and Bing.  Permalink

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