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Dear readers,

Today is Memorial Day, so the Tangle team is off (we observe all federal holidays, plus a few spates of vacation throughout the year). We'll be back in your inbox tomorrow at 12 pm ET with our normal coverage.

A quick reminder that Memorial Day is a day to honor the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. It is not a celebration like July 4 or Labor Day, but a more solemn occasion to visit cemeteries, hold family gatherings, learn about the history of our nation's wars, or in some places participate in parades. It also marks the unofficial beginning of the summer season. You can read more about Memorial Day here, or check out my essay on summer here.

In a lot of places, Memorial Day is also observed with special sales or promotions. So, in that tradition, today we are offering 20% off the first year of an annual subscription to all of our readers. This offer will expire on Tuesday at midnight, but if you want to become a member and save some money, now is a great time to do it. You can do that by clicking here.

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Finally, since we have the newsletter off today, I wanted to point all of you to an interview that we published on our podcast and YouTube channel with Haviv Gur, an Israeli analyst who  — in my humble opinion — is one of the deepest thinkers covering Israel, Palestine, and the conflict between the two. Gur disagrees strongly with my call for a ceasefire, and his arguments against one are the best I’ve heard. 

He spoke at length about how a ceasefire would harm Palestinians more than Israelis, the issues motivating Hamas, the state of Islam in the region, the current dynamics of the war, what the Palestinians are owed, and how we might get to a more positive, constructive future for Israelis and Palestinians alike. It was a long, thoughtful, challenging conversation, and I encourage you to go listen to it here. (FYI: We will not be offering a transcript of this conversation, as I think you would all really benefit from hearing Gur in his own voice and words). You can also watch a video of our interview on our YouTube page:

Thank you, and I hope you all get some time to rest and observe Memorial Day today. We’ll see you tomorrow.

All the best,

Isaac & the Tangle team