Startup Idea: A Curated Learning Roadmap System

Backstory:  I like to learn new things, most of which are tech-related. Before I begin to learn a subject, I spend a lot of time finding useful resources and tutorials for me to read up on. This often leads to information overload and then I get confused on where to even start.

The Idea: A website where I could search for any topic and be given a learning roadmap for it. The roadmap would start with beginner topics and basic information and then eventually get more and more complex. The founder could curate some of these, and could reach out to industry experts to curate roadmaps for topics that they aren't familiar with.

Deep Dive: Here’s an example of a quality roadmap: GitHub - kamranahmedse/developer-roadmap: Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2018
If we were building it, we would use this as our inspiration. Don’t just quickly publish 100s of roadmaps, quality is important and gets recognized!

Validation: There’s high-demand for this. Just that simple Github ReadMe that was posted above has over 50,000 stars! I can't back this up, but I'd say that the majority of people who start something new have trouble knowing where to start. The emergence of the internet has made learning new things much easier than it was 25 years ago. But sometimes this causes information overload. There's demand for someone to curate learning paths for people looking to try learn new things.

Monetization: Even though there is high demand for this, I’m not sure if customers would pay for this or not. That’s something that you will have to validate further.
You could consider advertising on the site. At the very least, there’s potential to gain a large audience and use that as a platform to sell other services.