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ISSUE #408

26th of May 2024

AND IT IS A WRAP! We are so glad we had the chance of attending KotlinConf this year and be back in Copenhagen. After such an energetic event it is easy to feel insufflated with motivation and new ideas to put in practice. We wrote an article with a summary of some of the most relevant announcements that you can read here. Expect more content related to the KotlinConf during the upcoming weeks. We had a pleasure meeting some of you, and we are looking forward to 2025.


Compose Multiplatform 1.6.10 – iOS Beta, Web Alpha, Lifecycle, Navigation, and More
Compose Multiplatform has now a new version, Beta for iOS and Alpha for Web. Read out more about it in this article.

Amper Update May 2024 – Standalone Build Tool, New IDE Features, and More
We have to confess we didn't try Amper before, but what we saw at the KotlinConf was highly appealing. Check out in this article by Marton Braun the latest updates.

Streamline Data Analysis with Kotlin DataFrame Tables in Notebooks
JetBrains has announced a new UI component in Kotlin DataFrame 0.13.1, which enhances data exploration experience inside the Kotlin Notebook plugin.

Introducing the Kotlin Multiplatform Developer Survey 2024
The Kotlin Multiplatform Survey 2024 has been announced! Check out some of the insights and findings here.


KotlinConf 2024 announcements
Article summarizing some of the findings and new releases at the KotlinConf 2024.

My first impressions of Compose multiplatform for web (Kotlin/Js — Kotlin/Wasm)
Raul Illan summarized his thoughts after using Compose Multiplatform for Web.

Understanding Kotlin’s Any, Unit, Nothing
Khush Panchal wrote an article analyzing the Kotlin types Any, Unit and Nothing.

Ideal iOS KMP Setup
There are many options to set your iOS KMP Project. Kevin Galligan wrote an article showcasing the ideal shape at Touchlab.

Down a Rabbit Hole
Romain Guy keeps going down the rabbit hole in his exploration of Kotlin performance and optimization.

Convert HTML to PDF with Kotlin/JVM
Mariusz Sołtysiak wrote an article showcasing how to convert HTML to PDF using Kotlin/JVM.


Android project test fixtures
Eugen Martynov wrote an article about test fixtures setup in Android modules.


Shuttle provides a modern, guarded way to pass large Serializable objects with Intent objects or save them in Bundle objects to avoid app crashes.

Compose Guard
A Gradle plugin for detecting regressions in Jetpack Compose.


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