Hostages Rescued, Starbucks Brews Trouble, and a Boston Splash Party

Israeli heavy air and ground assault forces rescued four hostages in Gaza Saturday, resulting in 274 Palestinians killed and 700 injured.
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Former President Trump will undergo an interview with a probation officer today, as part of the sentencing process for felony defendants convicted in New York state court. (More)  

➤ Thousands of anti-Israel protesters gathered outside the White House Saturday, calling for an end to the war in Gaza as Israeli forces rescued four hostages. (See Video)   

A new CBS poll found that the guilty verdict of former President Trump has not significantly altered the presidential race. Voters are more concerned with issues like the economy, inflation, and the border—all items on which Trump maintains advantages. (More)

 Senator Lindsey Graham called for the U.S. to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism and seize billions of its assets as a way to fund Ukraine’s war effort. (More)  

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➤ Carlos Alcaraz made history by defeating Alexander Zverev to win the French Open on Sunday, becoming the youngest man to win major championships on three different surfaces. (More

➤ Dornoch, co-owned by 2008 World Series champion Jayson Werth, won the Belmont Stakes on Saturday, defeating Kentucky Derby champion Mystik Dan and Preakness Stakes champion Seize The Grey. (See Photos) 

Scottie Scheffler secured his fifth PGA Tour victory of the season on Sunday, winning by one shot over Collin Morikawa at the 2024 Memorial Tournament. (More) 

Swedish golfer Linnea Strom shot a tournament-record 11-under 60 on Sunday to overcome a seven-stroke deficit and win the ShopRite LPGA Classic for her first LPGA Tour title. (More

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Starbucks announced a 3% sales drop in the U.S., its biggest since the Great Recession and the pandemic, following price hikes amid inflation. The company also faces a boycott over its support for Israel. (See details)

➤ GameStop shares plummeted nearly 40% during Keith Gill's livestream on Friday, following the company's announcement of a significant drop in first-quarter sales and plans to sell more stock. (More)

Saudi Arabia's Aramco shares rose after a stock sale of $11.2 billion, with strong demand from foreign investors. (More)

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We can add Real Estate to the long list of industries AI is disrupting, with the AI in the Real Estate market being worth a staggering $163 billion in 2022. 

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Science & Technology

Newsbreak, the most downloaded free news app in the U.S. with roots in China, published at least 40 fictitious AI-generated stories, including a completely false piece about a shooting in New Jersey. (See Details) 

Paleontologists discovered a fossil of a new kind of dinosaur in Zimbabwe. Musankwa sanyatiensis was a horse-sized dinosaur that scientists say lived 210 million years ago. (See Photos) 

The brain might be trying to predict the future during sleep, as neurons firing in the brain's memory center could be rehearsing activities instead of only revisiting past experiences, a new study suggests. (More)

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Monday Manifest

Conservative political parties made significant gains in Germany and France during Sunday’s European Parliament elections, suggesting a shift towards the right in the EU. (More)

French President Emmanuel Macron dissolved parliament and called for a snap election on Sunday following his party’s crushing defeat in the European Parliament election. (More

Danish authorities have charged a Polish man with violence against a public servant following an assault on Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen in Copenhagen on Friday. (More)  

South Korea announced on Sunday that it will resume anti-North Korean propaganda broadcasts after North Korea launched 1,000 balloons filled with trash and manure across the border. (More

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Et Cetera

A 100-year-old World War II veteran tied the knot with his 96-year-old fiancée last week in France, on the 80th anniversary of D-Day. (See Video)

 Lava from the volcanic eruption last month in Iceland's Reykjanes Peninsula region has destroyed a road near the coastal town of Grindavik, leaving a path of cooling molten rock behind. (See Video) 

 Professional cliff divers jumped from the Institute of Contemporary Art into the chilly Boston Harbor on Saturday as Red Bull celebrated its 100th Cliff Diving World Series stop. (See Video

Two separate shark attacks occurred on the Gulf Coast of Florida, injuring three swimmers over the weekend and leaving one woman with her arm partially amputated. (More)  

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“It’s weak, it’s ineffective, it’s bulls— what he signed.” 

Former President Trump on President Biden’s recent executive action on the U.S. southern border. 

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