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Temu return policy changes; Major foldable discount; Best iPads --
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June 19, 2024
3 ways to help your staff use generative AI confidently and productively
The CEO embraced AI but employees were uneasy. What now? Rakuten's three-stage program could be your path to success, too.
How my 4 favorite AI tools help me get more done at work
From AI trainers to ethicists: AI may obsolete some jobs but generate new ones
5 ways to be a great leader at work
AI's employment impact: 86% of workers fear job losses, but here's some good news
Generative AI's biggest challenge is showing the ROI - here's why


placeholder Temu's return policy changes: What happened when I tried returning a bunch of items
placeholder Smartphone overheating? Here are 3 ways to cool it down fast (and what not to do)
placeholder 4 features Samsung Galaxy needs to be the best smart ring you can buy
placeholder The best iPads for college students heading back to school
placeholder These 5 Linux file managers are better than what you're using now - and they're free

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01 Our favorite foldable phone is on sale for $599 - the lowest price ever
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03 This ultra-thin power bank I tested is a must-have travel gadget (and it's surprisingly cheap)
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