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Lowe’s new CMO.
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June 21, 2024

Retail Brew


It’s Friday, the first full day of summer, and if you’re already melting, Peet’s Coffee has just the thing. To promote a new coffee line, the brand is giving away a trip for two during the dog days of summer to Svalbard, Norway, where polar bears roam freely and average temperatures are about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It also will be perpetual daylight season (they’re promoting the Bright Collection, after all), so don’t forget your sleep mask.

In today’s edition:

—Jeena Sharma, Alex Vuocolo


Highs and Lowe’s

Lowe's Jhvephoto/Getty Images

Lowe and behold: Jennifer Wilson has been promoted as Lowe’s new CMO and things are about to change.

The marketing veteran, who first joined Lowe’s in 2006, comes to her new role with 20 years of experience across marketing and merchandising. More recently, she was the SVP of enterprise brand and marketing at the home improvement brand and has also previously done various leadership stints at marketing and advertising agencies.

As the CMO, however, Wilson will have a lot on her plate, such as overseeing strategic brand and product marketing, loyalty and personalization, along with promotional planning, creative, media, and Lowe’s retail media network.

But while she has only been in her role for a couple of weeks now, she already has some grand ideas for the iconic home improvement retailer.

In a conversation with Retail Brew, Wilson talks about maintaining customer loyalty, her biggest challenges and what she aims to prioritize at the brand moving forward.

Keep reading here.—JS



Planning with confidence


Business decisions often come down to the numbers. And having those numbers and insights easily available can make a huge difference in the planning process…and its outcomes.

That’s where GROW with SAP can help. Their cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution helps SMBs:

  • Anticipate demand and get the right products to stores, warehouses, distribution centers, and customers at the right time.
  • Make proactive decisions about where to spend, save, profit, and pivot.
  • Speed up daily activities and know when to make decisions with embedded AI capabilities.

Every SMB has different goals. But no matter what your biz is, we’d wager it could benefit from simplified daily work and stronger support.

Learn how GROW with SAP can help you get your goals on track.


Discount delivery

Uber Eats Mike Kemp/Getty Images

Discount grocers, meet app-based delivery.

On Tuesday, Uber Eats announced a partnership with St. Louis-based supermarket chain Save A Lot to offer delivery from 150 of its locations.

“Many consumers are price-conscious, and we’re excited to continue to partner with brands like Save A Lot to increase value for Uber Eats consumers,” Beryl Sanders, Uber’s director of US grocery and retail partnerships, said in a statement.

  • Uber got into the grocery business in 2020, and then gave it a refresh in 2022 with the addition of new features, including the ability to schedule weekly deliveries.
  • The app now offers delivery from a number of supermarket chains, including Albertsons and Sprouts Farmers Market. The company also recently partnered with Costco to offer grocery delivery to non-members.

The partnership marks yet another crossover between discount grocery and app-based delivery.

Keep reading here.—AV



Past fashion

Alessandro Michele Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

This week in fashion news, one major designer has an unexpected debut, and a sportswear retailer looks into fraud allegations.

Alessandro Michele at Valentino

Alessandro Michele made his much-anticipated but unexpected debut at Valentino this week with a Resort 2025 collection. The surprising lineup came months before the designer’s actual anticipated Spring 2025 collection, due in September.

Why this matters: Michele gained prominence after joining Gucci in 2002, and eventually transformed the label as creative director. Under him, the brand became the most profitable of all the brands in Kering’s portfolio. He left Gucci in November 2022, and all eyes have been on him since he joined Valentino this April.

Keep reading here.—JS



T-Mobile for Business

Smooth shopping. Customers expect a connected experience across all retail touchpoints, from digital to physical—which means retailers need the right omnichannel solutions to meet them there. T-Mobile for Business’ 5G network and solutions enable seamless shopping experiences no matter the channel, helping you get product from warehouses onto store shelves or customers’ doorsteps. Learn more.


Today’s top retail reads.

Bot safe for work: Target is using generative AI in chatbots on employees’ handheld devices to help them assist shoppers. (the New York Times)

Pocket change: The fashion industry is finally including pockets in more women’s clothing. (the Wall Street Journal)

Take it or leaf it: Why gas-powered leafblower bans have landscape businesses reaching for their pitchforks. (the Associated Press)

Grow big: And do it fast. GROW with SAP is a fast, cost-effective start into cloud ERP and can help SMBs introduce game-changing breakthroughs in record time. Learn more.*

*A message from our sponsor.


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