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Should we all move to CocoaPods to avoid security issues? It’s a bit more complicated than that. 🔐

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ISSUE 668  July 5th 2024




This story of a CocoaPods security problem set me wondering about the state of dependency management in Swift again this week.

First, the security issue was a serious supply chain vulnerability, with potential attackers able to claim ownership of abandoned libraries. It stemmed from the migration to the CocoaPods “trunk” system in 2014 and while this image doesn’t give a date for when the vulnerability started, I think the public API (and therefore the vulnerability) has been available for several years.

I don’t write this to criticise CocoaPods. Once reported it was handled responsibly, fixed quickly, and there was no evidence of it being exploited. But, the truth is that CocoaPods doesn’t have as many eyes on its maintenance as it used to and it’ll only lose more popularity as more people adopt SwiftPM. The maintenance team are all volunteers and do a great job of a thankless task, but SwiftPM is the future.

But is SwiftPM safe from supply chain attacks? Not in the way that 99% of people use it. There’s an obvious supply chain vulnerability which is implicit in importing a dependency directly from tags in a git repository with SwiftPM. Git tags are not immutable and can be moved at the package author’s convenience, so if you built SomeDependency v3.2.4 into your app and shipped it to the store, it’s not guaranteed to be the same code I have in my app if I also depend on SomeDependency v3.2.4. Yes, that’s not in the same ballpark of security issues as being able to take ownership of someone else’s package, but it’s still serious enough.

So what’s the solution? Do we need a whole new package manager? No, we just need to use SwiftPM package registries. Supported since Swift 5.7, SwiftPM has full support for package registries. Package registries treat versions of packages as immutable and serve zipped archives of packages rather than needing to check out a git repository. They are quicker in use and inherently more secure.

Some artefact hosting companies have even shipped registry implementations as part of their products. JFrog Artifactory announced support in 2022, AWS CodeArtifact in 2023, and just this May Cloudsmith joined in.

What doesn’t yet exist is a public open-source package registry hosting all the packages in, for example, a package index. Sven and I are very aware of that and have been considering whether it might be something we could add to the Swift Package Index. We’ve got nothing to announce today, but when everyone can use a package registry rather than git-based source code dependencies, we’ll get a step forward in dependency management for Swift, too.

Dave Verwer  Permalink


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Worried about losing Microsoft App Center?

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Plotting a Path to a Package Ecosystem without Data Race Errors

Here’s some more information published on the blog from Sven A. Schmidt and me about the Ready for Swift 6 project we're working on this summer at the Swift Package Index. We also just finished a test run using Xcode 16 beta 2, and the number of packages without data races continues to rise. Progress!  Permalink




Make videos with SwiftUI

What a fun idea from Jordan Howlett. Have you ever wanted to make motion graphics for video with SwiftUI? Now you can, with his new library, StreamUI. Read the forum post above for a little background, or watch the sample video to see what it can create.  Permalink


Zoom transitions

Having access to some of the fancier transitions that Apple has perfected in the operating system over the years is so great. It not only makes apps that use them smoother and easier to use, but it increases consistency with third-party apps and the platform, too. Here’s Douglas Hill teaching us about this year’s new zoom transition.  Permalink


Consolidated ViewState

I found myself nodding along as I read this little tip from Luda Fux. My first attempts with SwiftUI were full of isLoading and isPresented booleans. Is there a better approach? There is!  Permalink


Diffuse reflection UV computation tool

I’d recommend watching this WWDC session video before reading this post from Cristian Díaz that explains how to generate the “emitter and attenuation UVs” necessary to make this really impressive effect work.

I wish I had a Vision Pro so I could experience these things! Luckily, I did order one last week when they went on sale in the UK! 💸  Permalink


Is this the best VR development environment?

What an interesting screenshot from James Thomson! I can't imagine the PSVR2 or Meta Quest development environment allowing anything close to this.  Permalink


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Our App Store screenshot nightmare is (almost) over

This is amazing news! 🎉 I had missed this announcement, so thanks to Jesse Squires for writing it up.  Permalink




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Tell me you’re a Swift developer without telling me you’re a Swift developer. 😂


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