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  • Google Competition Is Not One Click Away, Says DuckDuckGo CEO []
    After the US Department of Justice's lawsuit against Google, announced last week, our CEO and Founder, Gabriel Weinberg, explained the result of Google making it difficult for people to choose alternatives: “The negative impact to consumers is [… Google's] behavioral advertising and endless data collection, and the impact that has on society and democracy. What we're hoping for is consumers really get the option to opt out of all that data collection.”

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  • Open Letter to European Commission: Request for Trilateral Meeting among Google, the EC, and Alternative Search Engines to Improve Search Preference Menu []
    We're calling for a trilateral meeting among Google, the European Commission (EC), and alternative search engines to address the many flaws in Google's preference menu for Android phones in the EU. The preference menu is supposed to be a remedy for its anti-competitive behavior in the EU, but instead Google has used it as a means to further entrench its unfair advantages, making it harder for users to choose privacy. If the EC wants an effective remedy, it can no longer ignore the problems with the current implementation, and the quickest and most transparent way to find solutions is a collaborative discussion.

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