Best Linux desktop distributions of 2020

Quantum computing free online course; free alternatives to Excel and Word
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Best Linux desktop distributions of 2020

Jack Wallen lays out his favorite Linux desktop distributions for 2020. Is yours on the list?

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Quantum computing: Here's a free online course on the basics for business pros

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5 free alternatives to Microsoft Word

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How to upgrade Fedora 31 to 32

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How to install the Nextcloud Desktop Client v3 on Linux

How to quickly deploy a high-availability cluster with MicroK8s

How to install the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database server on Ubuntu 20.04

Black Friday 2020: The best deals on smartphones, headphones, and more

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How to cultivate an inclusive workplace for LGBTQ employees (free PDF)

Many LGBTQ tech employees still face a battle when it comes to getting hired and getting promoted. This download provides tips for employers on how to create a more inclusive workplace for LGBTQ employees.

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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020: Galaxy Z Fold2, Samsung Galaxy S20, and more (free PDF)


Point of sale (POS) deployment checklist

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A special feature from ZDNet and TechRepublic

The CIO's guide to quantum computing

Quantum computers offer great promise for cryptography and optimization problems, and companies like IBM, Google, and D-Wave are racing to make them practical for business use. We explore what quantum computers will and won't be able to do, and the challenges we still face.

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