✏ Issue #477: Exciting New Tools for Designers, Nodes, 5 Client Onboarding Tools, 8 Women Kicking Butt and Taking (Domain) Names, and more…

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27 Exciting New Tools for Designers, March 2021

Each month we publish this roundup of the most exciting tools and resources we’ve found on the web in the past four weeks. Some of them will boost your productivity, some will open up new creative directions, and some are just plain fun. In March’s edition, you’ll find 27 resources from icons to fonts. Enjoy!


If you like the idea of coding creatively but are hampered by your fluency in a coding language, then you should check out Nodes. This incredible project enables users to explore coding ideas without the need to know code syntax. Using the tool, you can iteratively build projects by dragging and dropping. It’s in beta now.

An Accessible Current Page Navigation State

Indicating which page you are currently on is one of the most common design challenges in a website. But it’s even more challenging to code the marker accessibly. Callum Hart takes a deep-dive into the design and technical considerations of this ubiquitous UI element and asks how we can make it more inclusive.

5 Client Onboarding Tools for Web Designers

When you sign up a new client, it’s super important that the relationship gets off on the right footing. No one enters into a business relationship intending to fail, but sometimes clients get lost in the process, and it’s your job to keep them on track. Suzanne Scacca introduces five client onboarding tools that will ease the process.

Figma Interactive Components Playground

Sign up for beta access, and you can make use of this great collection of interactive components designed to help you rapidly prototype UI designs in Figma. There’s everything from simple buttons to complex photo carousels. It’s a great way to get ahead of the forthcoming launch of interactive components in Figma.

Aurora UI - A New Visual Trend for 2021

According to Michal Malewicz, blurred visual backgrounds will be a big trend this year. Inspired by Apple’s approach to Neuomorphism, he looks at the developing trend he’s dubbed Aurora UI — named for the Northern Lights — and offers a great primer on how to get started creating the look in your own projects.


Zola is a static site generator that allows you to compile a set of files that aren’t dependent on a backend or database. Because the output isn’t dynamic, it’s as fast as vanilla HTML. Zola uses no dependencies, making it blazing fast and highly flexible. You can easily build simple blogs, promotional sites, and more.

Eight Women Kicking Butt and Taking (Domain) Names

In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, Christina Yeh introduces us to eight women leaders in apps and dev. From co-founders through to designers and developers, the women are represented by a feature video in which they introduce their industry-leading achievements.

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