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Dear reader,Liz Willen

Most of the education stories you read these days are mired in fraught, painful pandemic questions surrounding opening schools. These are deeply urgent issues, but so are the nation’s inequity problems, such as the racism surrounding gifted programs.
This week, we take you deep inside an Illinois district gifted program that gives us hope that change can happen, and we take a look at how mineral wealth in Wyoming has been key to education funding in this red state.
Of course, coronavirus is very much on our minds and in our coverage, as we explore the latest research on what kind of tutoring might help students catch up when school buildings fully reopen, and offer you a range of views and opinions on improving education. As always, we love to hear from our readers.
Liz Willen, Editor

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Main Idea 

An Illinois district proved gifted programs can be racially diverse  

A lawsuit forced U-46 to desegregate gifted programs, and its efforts worked. But can others do it with just carrots and no sticks?
Reading List 

One of the fairest school funding models in the nation might be about to fail  

Mineral wealth has kept Wyoming schools flush for decades, but unless legislators in this red state vote to raise state taxes, schools and small towns here could be in trouble.

PROOF POINTS: Research evidence increases for intensive tutoring  

One approach to help students make up for the pandemic year uses recent college graduates as tutors.  

A video game makes math and English classes a full-body experience  

An online platform lets kids learn critical math and English skills through playground skills.  

COLUMN: The American Rescue Plan will halve child poverty, but we haven’t won the second War on Poverty yet 

Raising the minimum wage is a must, but so is a totally new way of thinking about closing the poverty gap.

OPINION: Sorry, Sam Zell, college students absolutely need those stimulus checks  

Many students are going hungry on college campuses and don’t have enough money for food.
"How Jersey City Middle Schoolers Stopped a Flood ," Next City.

This week’s solutions section came from SolutionsU powered by Solutions Journalism Network and their database of solutions journalism. Search for more solutions.
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