Tracking the Invisible Killer

Trump’s EPA invited companies to revise pollution records of the potent carcinogen ethylene oxide.


Trump EPA Invited Companies to Revise Pollution Records of a Potent Carcinogen

Sharon Lerner

After ethylene oxide was shown to be 30 times more carcinogenic than previously thought, polluters began rewriting their toxic history — with the EPA’s help.



White Supremacists, Conspiracy Theorists Are Targeting Cell Towers, Police Warn

Ken Klippenstein

Extremist groups joined forces in the weeks after the election to target critical infrastructure and “incite fear,” an NYPD intelligence report said.



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Liberal Think Tanks Outline Steps to Resuming Student Loan Payments in September

Rachel M. Cohen

The unhelpful memo comes amid popular calls to simply eliminate the debt.



Drugmakers Promise Investors They’ll Soon Hike Covid Vaccine Prices

Lee Fang

Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson pledged affordable vaccines — but only as long as there’s a “pandemic.”



Biden’s Justice Department Is Defending a Trump Rule That Restricts Options for Immigration Relief

Akela Lacy

A federal judge in California last week suspended implementation of the rule, while a judge in D.C. has questioned the Biden administration’s defense of it.



Amazon Retaliated Against Chicago Workers Following Spring Covid-19 Protests, NLRB Finds

Rachel M. Cohen

Workers are now waiting to see how, and if, Amazon will agree to settle the claims.



What Biden’s Talking Filibuster Could Look Like

Ryan Grim

Ending today’s filibuster rules would not be radical for Biden — just a return to how things worked when he entered the Senate in 1973.



Tracking an Invisible Killer

Paul Abowd, Sharon Lerner, Verónica G. Cárdenas

Growing up, a group of eight friends in Groves, Texas, had never heard of ethylene oxide, a gas that poured from a chemical plant in their neighborhood. Now three of them are fighting cancer.





Medicare for All Just Got a Massive Boost


With a major new co-sponsor, the House’s single-payer bill seems to have found new life.



Hope Is a Discipline: Mariame Kaba on Dismantling the Carceral State


Organizer Mariame Kaba talks about her new book “We Do This ’Til We Free Us.”



Wednesday, March 24: Join Intercept Editor-in-Chief Betsy Reed and the Press Freedom Defense Fund for a roundtable discussion of journalism, free speech, and social media under President Joe Biden’s administration.


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