The Daily Good | 4.5.21 💄 Our editors' go-to natural beauty products

April 5, 2021
Happy Monday! This week, welcome both the unexpected and the ordinary alike.


Doing The Hard Thing First Episode

This very short, very sweet podcast reminds us that the hard things are never as hard as we've made them out to be in our heads. The time is now! Get the hard thing done first so there can be clarity for all that will come after. 



This homemade, lavender-infused milk is served as a steamer, but we're sure it'd be delicious if you added coffee, too! It's calming, slightly sweet, and makes for a perfect bedtime treat. 



Rosemarine Textiles is a sustainable natural dye brand/studio hailing from Detroit, MI. Their product line ranges from home decor to wearables, all in beautiful, botanically sourced shades.



Our Editors Share Their Go-To Natural Beauty Products



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