Startups Revolutionising The Alternative Meat Industry 🐣

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Startups Solving The Global Food Shortage Problem
Cultured fried “chicken” from cells grown by Memphis Meats.

Do you know what chicken tastes like? If your answer is 'No' then you're going to love the culture of lab-grown meat.  

Californian food startup, Eat Just, is the first multibillion dollar company in the world to sell lab-grown meat. The company first started experimenting with creating eggs from plants and since 2018, has sold over a 100 million eggs made from mung beans to major retailers, such as Walmart, Whole Food Markets and Alibaba. 

But the egg was just the beginning. It’s now culturing chickens without the need to kill them. 

Here’s how it works.

Unlike eggs, you can’t make chicken from plants. No meat-lover is going to want to eat that, right? Well, the cultured chicken is definitely made from a chicken. 

The process of creating this meat starts with extracting a single cell from a live chicken through a biopsy, a cell bank or the root of a feather (without killing the bird). That cell is then fed nutrients like those found in soy and corn before being left to mature in a lab. The process takes around 14 days, and the end product is raw minced meat which can be used to make patties, nuggets, meat balls, etc.

At the end of 2020, Singapore was the first country to approve the use Eat Just meat in its restaurants. 

Source: Statista, 2020

A turn towards sustainable animal agriculture. 

  • Every year, an estimated 50 billion chickens are slaughtered for food. 
  • The agriculture industry is reportedly responsible for 10%-12% of greenhouse gas emissions — a major contributor to climate change.

The industry, which supports the livelihoods of at least 1.3 billion people worldwide, has been racing to keep up with the rising demand for meat. And in the process has been popularly committing unethical actions on animals that have been chided by both animal rights activists and environmentalists.

No wonder the demand for cultured meat is rising. A report estimated that the alternative meat market could be worth $140 billion — or 10% of the global meat industry — within a decade. In 2020 itself, the market size has reached about $800 million. Several startups have already propped up in the alternative meat market to make cultured meat at reasonable prices. 

Read about this Israel-based startup Future Meat Technologies producing lab-grown chicken for less than $10 per plate, or this Dutch startup that recently raised a $47 million funding. 

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Stats: The Corporate Big Brother And Its Creepiness

In 2019, a research counducted by Gartner found that 22% of organizations around the world are using employee-movement data and 17% are monitoring data on how employees use their work computers.

This was the beautiful pre-pandemic time when employees were working from office. Now, with the majority working from home, one can only imagine how much the business of spying has increased. 

In a post-pandemic poll conducted by Skillcast on startups and WFH employees, it was found that 20% companies had already engaged in 'remote tracking' systems. Some have even launched a full-fledged invasion into employees' private lives.

Where's the limit?

A recent research conducted on behalf of Alfresco asked more than 300 IT professionals about what their companies are really doing behind the digital scenes.

  • 98 percent admitted that they monitor their employees' digital behaviour.
  • 87 percent of companies apparently track their employees' email.
  • 70 percent grab their whole web browser history.
  • 41 percent of companies creep in on voicemails.
  • 34 percent observe LinkedIn and Facebook activity.
Creepy much? 

If you want to know how are companies doing this, here's a fun list by the NY Times of the tools and tech in the market that may be used to spy on you. 

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Video Of The Week
The world's major carbon emission sinner is outpacing the U.S. on climate action

  • U.S. startup Basecamp designs policy to ban 'social and political discussions' at the workplace - 33% of the staff resigns in response
  • U.K plans to pass a law that treats animals as sentient beings - restricts live animal sports and some hunting activities.
  • Austin healthcare startup - Decent - ranked 2021's Best Workplace by Inc. Magazine. 
  • Collective, a back-office platform for the self-employed raises $20 million in Series A funding from Ashton Kutcher's VC.  
  • U.K. publishes its 145-page "groundbreaking" Online Safety Bill - a plan to regulate online content and speech for children - on the government website.
  • TikTok removes 500k accounts from Italy after the country's data protection watchdog orders the company to block underage users.
  • Elon Musk does a flippety-flip on using cryptocurrencies to buy Tesla cars - sends Bitcoin price into a 17% slump
  • China becomes the second country to land a rover on Mars.
  • Walmart acquires visual clothing try-on startup Zeekit.

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