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Welcome to issue 486 of Founder Weekly. Let's get straight to the links this week.

Building Products at Stripe
Go deep, move fast, and build multi-decade abstractions

Game On
When people ask Greylock general partner Reid Hoffman how he learned strategy, his answer is not that he studied in business school and earned an MBA, or that he read (and re-read) Machiavelli and Sun Tzu. His answer is this: “I played a lot of games.” The best games, Hoffman says, not only require skill and tactics, but they also incorporate uncertainty and randomness, which teaches you to be strategic in ways that match the way the world works.

DeFi Beyond the Hype
The Emerging World of Decentralized Finance.

Basecamp and the Social Forces Behind So Many Public Implosions
The nature of work is dramatically changing due to forces like technology and inclusion. Workplaces ignore these forces at their own, and often public, peril.

Makers vs Managers: The Battle Over Remote Work
Managers want to go back to the office. Employees aren’t so sure.

Why Bad CEOs Fear Remote Work

The universal holding pattern: a period of trial followed by an era of opportunity

Marketing, Sales and PR

How We Acquired 100k Users on Search by Updating Old Content
In the first quarter of 2021, we ran 7 experiments on content maintenance to measure the ROI of refreshing old SEO content. Here's everything we learned.

How We Built High Quality Backlinks At Scale Using Personalization
In this post, I’ll share a step-by-step guide that helped us build hundreds of high quality backlinks from authority websites which resulted in increasing our organic traffic from 0 to 20,000 in only 5 months. During this period, we were also able to increase our DR from 0 to 37.

Yes, you can pivot to Product Led Growth

Money and Finance

The New World Of “Going Public” — Pros & Cons of IPO v. SPAC v. Direct Listing
NFX's Pete Flint, together with 4 experts on going public, analyze the pros and cons of new options available to startup Founders today.

Women and minority investors are taking matters into their own hands
The VC industry continues to pay lip service to diversity.

Why are corporates increasingly spinning-out their CVC units?
Moving faster on deals is often the stated motivation. But we need to discuss the problem of CVC partners earning more than CEOs.

Startups of the Week

Anycart is the World’s First Grocery Shopping Engine. With our app, you can search and shop thousands of items from the largest grocery stores like Whole Foods, Safeway, Stop and Shop and more.

GuruWalk is the largest international community of free tours, connecting travelers with guides around the world, present in over 1000 cities and 100 countries.

Kaiyo is an online marketplace for pre-owned furniture that was built to last. Whether hunting for the perfect piece, or creating space for something new, Kaiyo makes it easy to make a better choice—for you, for your home, for our home planet.

Tips, Tools and Services

SaaS churn rate: What does good look like?
How to benchmark your churn rate to find out what “good” looks like for your businesses.

How to Set Your Figma Up for Easy Collaboration with Nondesigners
Think of Figma as your home. Here’s how to show your developer, product management, and marketing guests around.
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