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πŸŽ‰ No-Code Fundamentals Course

We could not be more proud of our cohort 1 students and what they're doing with their new knowledge and no-code skills. Let's see what they've been up to:

Michele Drabiniok is shedding the 9-5. "This course has given me the confidence to go self-employed."

Taylor Bozarth is Head of Operations & Investor Relations at Rebel One Ventures and is crushing email. "Taking the course has already increased our productivity. Our email click rates have increased from 23% to 88%."

Yulz Havron is now working on marketing AND product at RightMetric. "I can now make product related decisions, troubleshoot bugs and make fixes to our product."

Shre Shrestha dived in at the deep-end with Pierre Pasquet, led by Cory Levy. "Using the product I built on the course, we've pitched to the zFellows investor cohort for a chance of $10,000 funding."

Penelope Radley added no-code strings to her bow. "I have more confidence in offering potential clients website building services, along with the writing services I have offered for several years."

Joshua Gill is building an INCREDIBLE jobs platform and pushing for launch
. "The single most important impact that this course has had is on my confidence. I now find myself setting dates for releasing my first platform!"

πŸ’Ό Jobs

Solution Architect - Fibery - Remote

Fibery is a no-code platform that teams use to create connected workspaces. We are looking for a person who will create surprisingly powerful solutions together with our customers. A solution architect, an implementation and onboarding specialist, a customer success manager, and a sales engineer β€” all in one, just like our product. Apply

Educator - Fibery - Remote

Fibery aims to replace a bunch of isolated tools and bring teams together into a single collaboration space. We are looking for an educator who will make explanations for our beloved creators. These explanations may come in all sorts of forms: from video tutorials and webinars to text guides and in-app hints. Their goal is to help creators get started and squeeze the most out of Fibery. Apply

Full Stack Engineer - Commerce.js - Vancouver
Commerce.js is building an API-first/headless eCommerce infrastructure. Based in Vancouver. We are looking for people who can gracefully solve problems and who have worked on scalable software projects and are constantly looking to deliver creative solutions to complex problems with proficiency in JavaScript and PHP. Apply

πŸš€ Community Projects

Zap Template To Curate Leads created by Zachary Swetz. "Here's how to combine Clearbit & Zapier to curate a list of B2B leads while you browse the internet"

Interactive Wall-of-Love created by Jamie Kane. "I created a straight forward wall of love ❀ this afternoon using new recently released features in Softr. I made a video about it too!

How no-coders can use APIs created by Connor Finlayson. "Learning how to use APIs probably one of the most useful things no coders can learn."

πŸ—οΈ Build Club

Build Club is a weekly meet-up where members can share what they are building, get feedback, ask questions and get help from each other. Join Build Club.


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