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Album Daily
Week #85: June 28 - July 2

Hello Album Daily friends and, to our subscribers from the United States, welcome to Fourth of July eve week! May your work week be filled with daydreams of watermelon, fireworks shot off by your cousin Greg who shouldn't be allowed to handle explosives and a nice cool body of water... even if that just means baths for the kids this weekend.

To lead you into the weekend, we're going to send you off with some country music on Friday that was recommended straight from the artists themselves who happen to be Album Daily subscribers! But before we get ahead of ourselves, we're also going to help you out with a brand new Tyler the Creator album and some rock, indie and pop to give you a well rounded week of tunes. 

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Now, turn your speakers up and Happy Fourth!

- Andrew, Lowell, and Matt
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Call Me If You Get Lost

Tyler, The Creator

Album Cover 2
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Genre: Hip-Hop
Release Date: June 25, 2021
Similar Artists: A$AP Rocky, Childish Gambino, Kid Cudi

Stank-face inducing rhymes. Stupid bass. Profound keys. Elegant construction. Jazz undertones. More all-time classics... just a few attributes of Call Me If You Get Lost by Tyler, The Creator. A brand new album building off of his Grammy-award-winning album Igor is the final piece this summer needed. Call Me was specifically crafted for those who have been with Tyler since Loiter Squad as well as those who just jumped on the bandwagon with Igor and still have EARFQUAKE on repeat. Mr. Creator also opened up his rolodex on this new album with features from Lil Uzi Vert, Pharrell Williams, Lil Wayne (speed rapping!?), and Ty Dolla $ign to name just a few. Prepare yourself to hear some vintage Tyler such as, “Spit like a llama do” and “Call me lumberjack cause I wish a n*gga WOOD” and listen closely for Tyler to continue to push the wordsmithing limits with lines like, ”You can’t relate to these things I say to these instrumentals / Whether it’s wealth talk or shit that’s painful / I paint full pictures of my perspective on these drum breaks / Just for you to tell me, ‘It’s not good,’ from your lunch break.” Despite that line, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anybody taking the under on this album. Enjoy.

The album art explained: If you’ve been following along with Tyler, you know he created a whole new alias for himself with Igor. It seems as if Tyler has alluded to a new alter ego again on Call Me If You Get Lost: Tyler Baudelaire. According to Vulture, this is, “presumably a reference to French poet and critic Charles Baudelaire, an extravagant spender who wrote passionately of love and lust and faced charges of obscenity upon the release of his most memorable work, 1857’s Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil).” Truly a modern day poet himself, we’re all witnessing even more greatness on Tyler’s new album.

Sweet Unknown

Erika Wennerstrom

Cover 2
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Genre: Rock
Release Date: March 23rd, 2018
Top Tracks: Twisted Highway, Extraordinary Love, Letting Go
Similar Artists: Heartless Bastards, Liz Cooper, Neko Case

Is "sob rock" a genre? I think I saw something about John Mayer trying to coin his new album sob-rock but we'd argue that Erika Wennerstrom has held the title of sob rock queen since this 2019 release. The album flows together perfectly from one whining ballad to the next. The screeching guitar melds seamlessly into one depressing lyric from Erika to the next. If you've just gone through a tough breakup or someone cut you off in traffic and you want to be dramatic about that incident, grab your hairbrush or that banana as your mic and scream into the mirror like we can only imagine Erika did when rehearsing for her debut solo album. 

Erika was previously the shinning star front-woman of the band Heartless Bastards. This album was her first, and only, foray as a solo artist which she described as a freeing experience. Erika went with a more rocky approach to her solo album whereas Heartless Bastards stick to the more roots or country sound on most of their releases. Mid-west stand-up please; Erika is originally from Dayton Ohio but didn't start really pursuing music until she moved to Cincinnati. Can you think of any other bluesy-roots rock bands from Ohio? That's right, The Black Keys, whom we've featured here on Album Daily many times, were the band that referred the Heartless Bastards to their own record label which gave them their first big break and eventually led to this solo album from Erika. Full circle!


Hippo Campus

Genre: Indie-Alternative
Release Date: September 28th, 2018
Top Tracks: Way It Goes, Buttercup, Monsoon
Similar Artists: Cage the Elephant, Young the Giant, Casual Vice

When you hear “Hippo Campus” do you first think of the section of the brain or a literal campus of hippos? I’m not saying there’s a wrong answer but if you chose the latter option we should be friends. Anywayyyyys, Landmark is indie-pop-rock-whatever at its finest. It’s the debut album that put the Minneapolis based quartet, Hippo Campus, on the map. Songs like Buttercup and Boyish will have you eager to hit the dance floor, while ballads like Monsoon and Poems are more dreamy and melancholic. Since 2017 they’ve put out 3 more albums, all chock full of indie-rock gems, but it’s their inaugural album that is truly can’t miss.

Bonus Content: Hearing some tunes reminiscent of Bon Iver? Us too. Turns out the same producer behind many of Bon Iver's works, BJ Burton, helped out on this album as well. Read more how this album came to fruition here!

Beach Boy

Knox Hamilton

Genre: Pop
Release Date: July 13th, 2018
Top Tracks: Mission Control, Video Sunshine
Similar Artists: Walk the Moon, Phoenix, lovelytheband

Here’s a quick one for our Album Daily community! A little 4 song EP is just what the doctor ordered today. Feeling sad watching Bitcoin and Ethereum tank? Throw on Beach Boy. Just watch Up for the 17th time? Throw on Beach Boy. Tired of Album Daily’s overly intricate reviews? Gosh darnit throw on Beach Boy!! You’ll love lead singer Boots Copelands’ silky falsetto and their pop-rock sound is sure to lift any spirits. Described as “Phoenix, COIN, The Killers, and Walk the Moon - all smashed into a cool lil’ indie band,” these guys are on the right path. 

Knox Hamilton’s band rules: Knox Hamilton has one of the best lead singer’s first names in the industry: Boots Copeland. This band is from Little Rock, Arkansas and they have a really interesting rule as a band that helps keep them grounded and out of the doghouse with the wives. In an interview with Honey Punch Mag, Boots and Cobo (drummer) are quoted saying that they love syncing up with other artists and getting some advice. One example here is a rule they stole from the band Colony House. The rule is: never go more than 21 days without seeing your spouse or loved ones. AWW. You go guys.

Are We There Yet?

Windmills and Giants

Cover 4
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Genre: Country
Release Date: June 4th, 2021
Top Tracks: Assuming The Worst, Figure It Out, and Are We There Yet?
Similar Artists: Jason Isbell, Brian Fallon, Minor Majority

This is another subscriber submission from the artist themselves! We love featuring your own work so if you've got an album that you think is worthy of thousands of subscribers, let us know by filling out this form! Now, let's hear from Windmills and Giants!

This record has been challenging in many ways. In the process of making these songs we wanted to dig deeper into our relatively wide taste in music, and take advantage of a lot of different instruments, recording techniques, and effects to challenge sound, expression, and ourselves. Besides the self-inflicted level of difficulty, there was also some unexpected obstacles along the way. When we started writing, we had already decided to do an effort to try a lot of new things. We didn’t want to limit ourselves by doing what might have been expected from us based on our previous releases, and ended up taking a lot of time making sure every song had a unique sound and feel. We wanted the soundscapes to have a lot of nuances and variety, and at times be unpredictable, while keeping the essence of each song and the whole record intact.

Let us know what you think of the albums

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