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Let's continue our series on the secrets of top performers.

Today I want to show you a few examples of TOP PERFORMERS and what they actually do, behind the scenes, to be best in class.

Not what they "say" they do, but the actual nuts-and-bolts behaviors that make them great.

Even if you don't want to become great in any of these areas, I recommend you keep reading and look for the deeper "keystone habits" at work in these examples. (Hint: Top performers are masters of taking insights from one area and applying them to another. More on this later…)

Example #1: Remembering names

Have you ever met someone who always remembers people's names? Without fail, they remember your name, they ask about your kids or family or hobbies. You don't see them for two years and then they ask you, "How was that trip to Greece?" and you're standing there flabbergasted. "Wow, I told you about that?"

From the outside, it looks like a superpower. But like a magic trick, there's a lot going on you can't see.

I have a few friends who can remember names like this. I asked them how they did it. Here's what they told me: Ongoing data entry into a CRM, maybe Excel. 

They track everything: 

  • The last time they met each person
  • Stories shared
  • Important information

After meeting someone, they go home and type up all their notes. Then they review their notes before they meet again so everything is fresh in their minds.

Doesn't seem so glamorous anymore, does it? Kind of sounds like a serial killer, sitting at home at night, under a fluorescent light, "Oh, he told me he likes time I see him on 7/26/23, I gotta ask him about Santorini. Muhahaha!"

But who cares? Who cares if it's not glamorous? 

They want to create a relationship, a real bond. You don't see all that backend stuff. All you see is a top performer who, years from now, knows exactly what to ask to stay connected and make a positive impression.

Example #2: Having an amazing body

What about people who are in amazing shape? They look great, and they still post IG stories of themselves eating all this amazing food.

How do they do it? Genetics? (It's not.)

Here's one trick that many top performers in this area do: When dining out, they look up the menu ahead of time, plan what they're going to order, calculate the calories, and then adjust the rest of the day's calorie intake ahead of time so they can enjoy the meal without breaking their macros.

They enjoy their meal out, guilt free, and still achieve their fitness goals.

Now, I realize 75% of people reading this are now shouting at their screen. "This asshole. I don't want to be writing names in fluorescent lights and I don't want to go on Yelp to every restaurant ahead of time. That's so annoying!"

That's OK. If you don't want to do it, don't do it.

I'm simply trying to shed some light on what top performers do. And you can apply the principles to whatever the case is. 

Not all top performer behaviors are this involved. Some are just about simple — but mindful — behavioral changes. Here's an example...

Example #3: Eating spicy food

Let's talk about how people eat spicy food. It's a dream of mine to create a product all about how to eat spicy food. 

In America, people think black pepper is spicy. Ugh, if that's you, please delete this email and do not reply.

Indian people, however, like spice. Thai people like spice even more. How does this happen?

I had the chance to actually observe this. My sister brought her son, my nephew, over. At the time, he was about four years old. She fed him something and he said, "Mommy, it's too spicy!"

What did she do?

She calmly said, "Drink your water."

I wanted to stand up and clap. That's how it happens! Repeated exposure. Instead of overreacting and saying kids can't handle spice, or talking about genetics, she just moved on. This is how entire communities normalize spicy foods with each generation.

It was also a great example of how top performers are built with small mindsets and behaviors that are largely invisible to most people. In this case, top performers in eating spicy foods.

What do you notice about these examples?

What do you notice about the "secret habits" of top performers in these examples?

Some things I notice:

  • They're not glamorous! While the outcome is impressive and enviable, some of the behind-the-scenes work is, well, work. Top performers aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and put in the effort upfront to become great. 
  • You can be a top performer in a lot of different areas. Most people only think of entrepreneurs or athletes or careers when they think about "top performers," but the field is much, much bigger than that. 
  • A lot of top performer habits and mindsets aren't obvious. This is why most people completely miss them.

There's one more thing worth noticing in these examples...

The secret success behind many top performers is driven by "keystone habits" — behaviors or mindsets that drive compounding results across many areas of your life.

Take the person who's good at "remembering" names and personal details because she tracks it in an Excel spreadsheet. That habit definitely improves her social life, but it will also help her stand out in her career. And that advantage will improve her finances, help her achieve her Rich Life sooner and give her more money to invest in more personal development.

Like a flywheel of success.

This is how top performers turn small changes and mindset tweaks into major advantages over time. 

You can do this, too. 

I've put together a special bundle of three of my favorite "peak performance" programs. It's called the Top Performer Package. It gives you everything you need to spin up this flywheel of success in your own life.

It's not about remembering names or previewing menus. Those are micro-examples. These programs dig one level deeper to give you the tools to craft your own top performer habits and mindsets.

The Top Performer Package includes:

Success Triggers — Rewrite your mindsets and "turn on" the deep mental frameworks that drive success (more here)

Finisher's Formula — How to finish what you start, even if you're "lazy" (more here)

50 Proven Email Scripts — 50 word-for-word scripts to connect with mentors and VIPs, handle tricky situations and save time...ready for you to use today (more here)

This is 3-programs-in-1. Full details here.

When you join, you'll learn:

  • The truth about why we don't follow through on our goals — even when we have all the desire and information in the world. (If you just needed more information, you'd have already done it! Hint: It's not about more information.)
  • How to learn any new skill faster.
  • How to pick up any habit, learn any skill, or pursue ambitious projects — and know you'll follow through.
  • How to channel your inner fears and emotions productively so that they don't stall you from hitting your goals.
  • How to get VIPs to take time out of their busy schedule to meet with you and answer your questions.
  • The key differences and surprising similarities between finishers and non-finishers.
  • A simple framework to systematically build good habits (and effortlessly replace bad habits with productive ones).
  • What to do once you become successful to ensure you stay that way.
  • How to unlock hidden opportunities that 99% of people are blind to.
  • The way to find out the best, most effective, most efficient way to approach anything.
  • How to always have work-life balance.
  • How to know when to think, when to act, and when to quit. No need to guess or worry.

If you're ready to unlock these secret advantages, this is for you.


P.S. As I said, a lot of the top performer habits and mindsets aren't obvious. No one is born knowing them, and few people learn them by accident. I certainly didn't.

It took me years of trial and error, research, practice, working with mentors and advisors and testing to uncover the secrets captured in these three programs. I would have loved to have all of this packaged into concise, easy-to-digest lessons. It would have saved me years and accelerated my own growth and success.

I didn't have this opportunity, but you do. And it's protected by my 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. What will you do with it?

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