Kotlin Weekly #257


ISSUE #257

4th of July 2021


Kotlin Features Survey Edition #2
JetBrains is launching the Kotlin Features Survey, along with a webinar hosted by Roman Elizarov and Svetlana Isakova. Check it out to give your opinion about the next steps that Kotlin should follow.


How we use Kotlin for backend services at Zalando
The folks at Zalando have written an article about how they use Kotlin for their backend.

Using MongoDB in Ktor
In this article, Himanshu Singh writes about how to use MongoDB as a database using ktor.

Deploy a microservice in Kotlin with Ktor - Part II
Second article on the series on deploying microservices using ktor.

Share your Gradle configuration with the Gradle Kotlin DSL
This guide will help you to convert your Gradle build scripts from Groovy to Kotlin, allowing you to take advantage of some great benefits.

Respect the contract of equals
New item from the book Effective Kotlin. This time, why and how we should respect the contract of equals.

Kotlin: Type conversion with adapters
In this post we will learn how we can use Kotlin extension functions to provide a simple and elegant type conversion mechanism.

Create a seam for testing using default values and function references
A seam is a way to circumvent code that makes testing hard or even impossible. Learn how can we apply it in Kotlin.


Machine learning for voice made easy with Kotlin
Why don’t more Kotlin apps use voice? Machine learning for voice is hard, and existing solutions are clunky and rigid. So we open-sourced an Android library (also Node, Python, iOS, & React Native), and built a no-code web tool to make custom wake words, speech recognizers, and AI voices—for all devs!


Compose: Strikethru Animation
Can you use Compose to effectively implement animations? Yes you can. Mark Allison has written an article on this topic.

repeatOnLifecycle API design story
In this blog post, you’ll learn the design decisions behind the Lifecycle.repeatOnLifecycle API and why Google removed some of the helper functions we added in the first alpha version of the 2.4.0 lifecycle-runtime-ktx library.


Senior Android Engineer (d/f/m) at Mobimeo
Mobimeo is changing the way cities move. We are a technology company working on simplifying everyday mobility in urban centers. Our Android team develops digital mobility applications using Kotlin involving mapping, routing and live navigation topics.


HTTP as a Function With http4k
Ivan Sanchez and David Denton, the co-creators of the http4k framework, speak at Talking Kotlin about their work.


A Quotes Application built to Demonstrate the use of Jetpack Compose for building declarative UI in Desktop.

Compose Bird
A flappy bird clone using Compose Web and radio buttons.


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