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BookTok is a community of users on TikTok who post videos reviewing and recommending books. 
Daily Update 2021-07-07
How to Send Emails with Attachments Using Amazon SES and S3 (Sponsor)

Let's see how we can accomplish this using a couple popular offerings from Amazon Web Services (AWS). We'll retrieve a file from an Amazon S3 bucket and then attach it to an email sent using Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), which we’ll integrate with Courier for template management and delivery.
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Big Tech & Startups

Amazon shifts Lumberyard to open source 3D game engine supported by 20 companies (13 minute read)

Amazon has open-sourced its Lumberyard game engine and renamed it the Open 3D Engine. The Linux Foundation will oversee the project. Developers will be able to do anything they want with the code under its permissive Apache 2.0 license. The engine is capable of high-end rendering quality. Using a common game engine might mean better compatibility between games and platforms, bringing us closer to the possibility of an open metaverse. Screenshots of scenes rendered in the Open 3D Engine are available in the article.
TikTok is taking the book industry by storm, and retailers are taking notice (5 minute read)

BookTok is a community of users on TikTok who post videos reviewing and recommending books. It grew in popularity through the pandemic as people looked for ways to satisfy their need for emotional connection. BookTok has had a notable impact on the book industry and retailers have taken advantage of its popularity. It has introduced younger audiences to reading and helped new authors find an audience.

Science & Futuristic Technology

Psychedelic Mushrooms Can Regrow Brain Tissue Lost in Depression (3 minute read)

Psilocybin, a drug that is found naturally in some mushrooms, has shown signs of increasing durable connections between neurons in mouse brains. In a study on the effects of the drug in mice, scientists tracked the growth of dendritic spines in living mice and found that the compound increased the density of dendritic spines, enhancing the pathway for information transmission between brain cells. The study suggests that psilocybin may be able to reverse the damage caused by depression and chronic stress.
How many robots does it take to run a grocery store? (5 minute video)

A grocery packing warehouse in the southeast of London is completely run by machines. The facility was custom-built to make the system as efficient as possible. It is the size of seven football fields and houses thousands of machines all controlled by a central artificial intelligence system. The robots move at a top speed of around 14 kilometers an hour, passing within 5 millimeters of each other when they move around. Watch the video to see how each part of the warehouse operates.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Miniflare (GitHub Repo)

Miniflare is a simulator for developing and testing Cloudflare Workers. It allows Workers to be tested locally without an internet connection. Miniflare has support for most Workers features.
blackbird (Website)

blackbird is a color theme. It is available for VSCode, VIM, terminal, and websites. An example is available on the website.

Spiders eating snakes, oh my! Here are the photographs to prove it (4 minute read)

Some spiders occasionally eat snakes. They have been documented eating a variety of animals, including worms, insects, fish, reptiles, and small mammals. 30 species of spiders have been observed to eat snakes in the wild, with 11 more demonstrating the ability in captivity or staged field experiments. Widow spiders, tarantulas, and large orb-weaving spiders account for 80 percent of all reported instances to date. Pictures of spiders eating snakes are available in the article.
Belgian-Dutch child prodigy gets bachelor’s degree in physics at age 11: “Immortality is my goal” (2 minute read)

A child prodigy from Belgium has obtained his bachelor's degree in physics at the age of 11. It only took Laurent Simons a year to complete the three-year degree. Simons wants to replace as many of his own body parts as possible with mechanical parts in a quest for immortality. He has already mapped out a path to his goal. Simons will now obtain his master's degree in physics while working on his Ph.D. at the same time.
TLDR Originals

Hi, I’m Lee Robinson, creator of Mastering Next.js and head of developer relations at Vercel, the company behind Next.js, ask me anything! (TLDR AMA)

Hi, I’m Lee Robinson, creator of Mastering Next.js and head of developer relations at Vercel, the company behind Next.js. Next.js is an open-source front-end development web framework that gives you the tools to run React in production, with features like server-side rendering, image optimization, and internationalization available right out of the box. Next.js 11 now allows you to automatically make Create React App Next.js compatible and code directly in your browser in real-time. Ask me anything!

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