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ISSUE 81  July 23rd 2021




Welcome to the 81st issue!

Here's one thing I'd like to highlight this week.

It's a meaningful post on LinkedIn about what being a tester really stands for.

It's not about automation. Neither tools nor programming languages.

It's primarily about asking the right questions.

Thanks for a reminder, Brijesh Deb.

Happy testing!

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An Analytical Approach to Setting Severity of Bugs

Bug triaging is an important skill that every tester should know about. This is a comprehensive guide by Bashiul Alam Sabab that includes lots of graphs and flowcharts explaining in detail how to do it well.  Permalink


Disrupt and shakeup your testing Career

Richard Forjoe gives a number of reasons explaining why careers are not meant to be static and provides tips on what you can do to keep improving.

On that note, it's also worth mentioning Paulo Oliveira's article on Why You Should Have a Mentor in Your QA Career.

And why not practice right away? Here's a list of Top 40 manual testing interview questions prepared by Julieta Harutyunyan.  Permalink


How much QA is too much QA?

Ash Davies expresses an interesting opinion on why having a good feedback cycle is even more important than a QA process. And summarises it with a punchy "Fail fast. Fail often. Fix quicker.".  Permalink


"Finding bugs in an organisation"; why I’m frustrated with the tester role recently

Everyone gets frustrated about their role sometimes. But not everyone shares about it. Shout-out to Maaike Brinkhof for describing the common fundamental problems with how QA is treated.

A good addition to that is James Bach's article on Desperately seeking testing.  Permalink


What is TestOps (How Microsoft Does it)

Here's a great overview of the definition and responsibilities of TestOps that Joe Colantonio put together, learning from the interviews that he did with two specialists in that field.  Permalink


White box testing vs black box testing. Which is better according to QA specialists?

The answer to this question is rather obvious — it's best when both are combined. But what I found the most valuable about this article is how clearly Anna Kalemba and Adam Lochno explained both techniques.  Permalink




Automating security tests — how?

Team Merlin shared another useful article on automating security testing using popular JavaScript tools. This one is about how to perform it for APIs, covering file uploads, authentication, data validation, and more.  Permalink


Test Automation Framework Integration with Test Management Tools

Sigurds Dancka shares the benefits of integrating automated tests with test management tools with examples.  Permalink


The 10–10–10 Rule of Test Automation

Jolivé Hodehou gives some great pieces of advice for implementing test automation and how to avoid common pitfalls.

And here are even more insights on How To Make Test Reliability Engineering By Design by Antoine Craske.  Permalink


UI Performance Analysis via Selenium WebDriver

In this code-rich guide, Anton Angelov shows how you can combine Selenium latest features with Google's Lighthouse to do performance analysis.

And for a more general read on performance testing, check out Paul Gerrard's recent article on Managing Performance Testing.  Permalink




5 Cypress testing tips you may find useful.

Vlad Ryabinin shares a handful of handy tips around configuration, mocking, custom commands and waits in Cypress.  Permalink


API testing with WebdriverIO and Swagger

One tool for web and API testing? Sounds convenient, doesn't it?! Well, Marcelo Soares uses an interesting plot twist to answer this question. Mind your tools!  Permalink


Load Testing Using

Fan of Python? Agus Richard shared a good introductory guide to load testing with Locust.

And here's another example of setting up and running load tests with Locust by Virendra Oswal.  Permalink


Playwright Test Runner

Recently, a new Playwright Test runner has been released. Alister Scott shows how it compares to the other popular JavaScript test runner — Jest.

And if you want to see it in practice, Andrii Baidachenko published a handy guide to implementing Page Object Model with Playwright.  Permalink




"Dear developers, here's how we test..." 😂



Thanks for reading!

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