Build In Public - Community Edition #1 (Aug 2021)

Build In Public - Community Edition #1 (Aug 2021)
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Hey everyone 👋
Build In Public is no more just a hot trend, it’s a movement.
Thousands of founders, creators, and builders are embracing the principles and building in public especially on Twitter.
On that note, get ready for a quick community round-up highlighting launches and wins from the #buildinpublic community.
Without further ado, let’s get rolling.

  • Dawid Zamkowski launched Junior Jobs Only , a hiring platform for junior developers.
  • Kilian Poulin is building Mark Copy in public. It is a copywriter using AI.
  • Veeraj Mehta and team are building MarketFly in public. They are going to launch it this weekend.
  • Sai Kambampati is building Airgift in public, making AR content and creation more accessible.
  • Zachary Murray is building Adison, the Pinterest for facebook ads and using the “Unverified Ad Awards” newsletter as their main pre-launch acquisition channel.
  • Rinkesh Gorasia and team are building Upskill India, a platform to learn skills.
  • Honor V is just launching Social SX, an ecosystem for health and wellness brands.
  • Darshan Doshi is building Dasar, a community to achieve health and wealth goals.
  • Milan Maheshwari is building Spectrum, a tool that generates beautiful color palettes.
  • Graham Gintz has just launched Knightley, a place for founders and investors to connect and make deals.
  • Jurelle Govender is building Savvi Stack, marketing tools and resources to grow your business.
  • Anna Grigoryan is writing a weekly newsletter on communities called “Community Weekly”.
  • Dan Gusz has relaunched Lloyd, a career co-pilot for everyone.
  • Deb Mukherjee writes the DTC Fam newsletter, an exclusive newsletter for DTC community.
  • Ramsri Goutham Golla is building Questgen, an advanced question generation tool using AI.
  • Mohammed Rafy has curated tons of community-building resources on Uncommunity.
  • Dan Capelle is building Erly, making same-day delivery for DTC brands.
  • Joel Rosen is going to launch Paytable, a membership platform for airtable curators. They are going to launch beta version soon.
  • Jens is building Feedletter, a feedback tool for newsletters.
  • Nikita Jerschow is building Figment, to turn figma designs into beautiful websites. He is launching the beta version this week.
  • Jesse Hercules is building ContactLink, a link for your contact info.
  • Soo Jung Han is launching BrightOn, a platform to organize charity events at restaurants.
  • Michelle Wirantono is building TypeDream in public. It helps you build a beautiful website.
  • Vinam Suri has just published the first edition of his newsletter S.I.P with Suri, about money.
  • Richard Chu just launched Notabase, a knowledge base for networked thinking.
  • Arjay has launched PlayTyme Partners by building in public.
  • Sarim Malik is building Neat, a tool to turn notifications into checklists.
  • Roohi Kazi has built Ultimate podcast guide in public. It’s a podcast dashboard organization system.
  • Aaron Francis is building Torchlight - the API for syntax highlighting.
  • Tommy B is building Meerkat, a matching app designed for families. Expected release in September.
  • Avi Gupta is building CourseNest, to find best cohort-based courses.
  • Maximilian Fleitmann launched Base templates, providing cost-efficient templates and services.
  • Olu has built Prelo, a platform to discover tech startups.
  • Darshan Gajara publishes a newsletter every 2 weeks called “Product Disrupt”, to help people learn product design and create digital products.
  • Roberto Robles has launched KatLinks, an SEO tool to boost your rankings.
  • Zayn Patel has launched VC Academy, to teach people how to acquire capital for companies.
  • Madhuri just launched Maker Shots, a learning repository for designers, no-coders and product managers.
  • Rahul Sikka publishes a daily newsletter called “dailyPM”, sharing great product management content.
  • Vlad Cazacu has launched Flowlie, a next-gen data infrastructure for VCs, founders.. They are on a mission to replace DocSend, Airtable and Google Sheets from fundraising process.
  • Simranjeet Singh is building My product hub, a toolkit for product management.
  • Professor Beekums is building Dynomantle, to keep track of important bookmarks.
  • Jonathan Barone is building Bipdash , a platform to browse threads.
  • Drazen Zaric has built blogboard, a platform to read engineering blogs by tech companies.
  • Prem has built Leesa, a tool to deliver answers from your knowledge base.
  • Stuart is publishing the “Coding climate’s newsletter”, sharing tech solutions to climate issues.
  • Matt has launched HarmonyCB (beta) - a no-code/low-code front end builder.
  • Sooraj Chauhan is building Tinyschool, a platform to learn important career skills.
  • Dashiell Bark-Huss is building Wishtender, a wishlist app for content creators to get gifts from fans.
  • Max Musing has launched 100 features to Basedash last week. It’s a tool that makes the databases colloborative.
  • JOD has just launched The Jod Pod, a podcast with founders and creators.
  • Jos Kuttan is building Aviyel in public. It helps open source projects grow, sustain and monetise.
  • Alex publishes his newsletter for founders and investors. It includes a lot of databases and toolkits for founders and investors.
  • Kevin has just launched No-code alley, a forum for no-coders.
  • Juraj Pal has launched Hammock (private beta as of now)- a newsletter reader.
  • Eric Axelrod is building PenPath, offering business intelligence solutions.
  • Bhavik has launched Appkaro, a platform to create, publish and promote apps.
  • Roman Beylin has launched DueDilio, to hire due-diligence experts.
  • Crawford Ifland has launched 3things - a to-do list.
  • Gaurav Maniar has launched Simple DMARC, provides a full-fledged email security.
  • Cmba Banks has built Home compass - a new way to organize your team.
  • Honey Syed is publishing the “Chrome extension ideas” newsletter.
  • Shoutout to Kilian Poulin for crossing $1K MRR for his product Mark Copy.
  • A big win for Davis Baer for crossing the $50K MRR milestone for his OneUp app.
  • Shoutout to Dan Murray-Serter for crossing $160k+MRR for Heights.
  • Andy Cloke’s company Data Fetcher has crossed $3K MRR.
  • A big shoutout to Tibo for crossing $2K MRR for his product Tweethunter.
  • A big win for Jesse Pujji for crossing the mega milestone of $100K+ MRR for his company GrowthAssistant.
  • A great start for Lukas Hermann for crossing 100 pounds+ MRR with Stagetimer.
  • Lamine’s MakerLead became the #1 Product of the day on Product Hunt on Aug 16.
Thanks for reading.
If you have any new products/apps/sites/newsletters you have launched recently and want to be featured to nearly 3000 people, keep an eye out for another “open call” on my Twitter. Feel free to follow me at @thisiskp_if you want to stay up to date.
As always, your feedback is welcome. Please hit reply and share what you think of this new format or anything I can improve on.
Thank you!
PS: In case you are interested in sponsoring this newsletter in the future, please DM me directly at @thisiskp_.
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