CollabCrib, Atlanta Hawks and Google to Keynote Social Shake-Up 2021

The forward-thinking Social Shake-Up Show, Sept. 22-23 in Atlanta, is where social media professionals gather to learn the latest and greatest platform features, when to jump in on the newest trends (and when not to), and how to make the most of each platform for your organization. Speakers from Delta, HP, Porter Novelli, Citizen's, and more are all meeting in ATL to share the latest social media trends related to Business & Strategy, Creative & Storytelling, and Platforms & Case Studies. The agenda has been carefully curated to cover topics including inclusive messaging and accessibility, platform tips and tricks, the newest features, and advice on how to get the most out of your social strategy.
Register by September 10 with code SMT21 for $150 off!
Moving Faster than the Internet with Sarah Galvez, Google
Join Sarah J. Galvez, former Director of Social Media for President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign and current member of the Google Social Lab, for Moving Faster than the Internet: Lessons in Crafting Rapid Response for Some of the Biggest Voices Online as she walks through creating content strategies and large-scale campaigns when time — and constant chatter on social — is working against you.

Atlanta Hawks x Collab Crib with Keith Dorsey, Founder of Collab Crib and Youngguns Ent and Narcis Alikhani, Director of Marketing for the Atlanta Hawks
The Atlanta Hawks, long known for successfully tapping into the city’s cultural zeitgeist, connected with the Atlanta-based TikTok House CollabCrib, subject of The New York Times Presents: Who Gets to Be an Influencer? documentary, to help drive excitement for the team’s unexpected 2021 NBA Playoff run. Hawks Director of Marketing, Narcis Alikhani and Keith Dorsey, co-founder of CollabCrib will discuss the partnership, the importance of recognizing creators of color, and the shifting paradigms for generating authentic fan engagement.
The Accidental Creators: How social audio has contributed to the creator economy with #ClubBravo and Real Housewife of Atlanta, Tanya Sam
Sure, social audio is a hot topic in social marketing circles, but how do you grow a following in this burgeoning space? In the Day 2 Opening Keynote of #SSU2021, learn how the superfan marketers behind #ClubBravo built a community of 9,000 followers on Clubhouse in 90 days. Jim Nickerson, Lead Instructor, Digital Marketing at General Assembly and Dave Quinn, Entertainment Journalist, who founded #ClubBravo on Clubhouse, will share their top social audio takeaways. Then, tech investor and Real Housewife of Atlanta, Tanya Sam, joins Dave on stage for a one-on-one interview to discuss her take on the social audio sector and more.
Marcus Matthews, ESPN
Marcus Matthews
Sr. Manager, Social Content
ESPN's The Undefeated
Lauren Murphy, Deutsch LA
Lauren Murphy
Associate Strategy Director, Social
Deutsch LA
Chaia Raibon, Lyft
Chaia Raibon
Sr. Social Lead
Casey Smith, Kroger
Casey Smith
Sr. Social Media & Influencer Marketing Manager
Mikelle Street, Pride Media
Mikelle Street
Director of Social Media & Audience Engagement
Pride Media
Taylor Alston
Taylor Alston
VP, Social Media & Community Management
JP Morgan Chase & Co
Jamel Coles
Jamel Coles
Sr. Specialist, Marketing & Social Media
Cox Communications
Dwayna Haley
Dwayna Haley
Chief Brand & Communications Officer
Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
Groups of three or more save $50 on each pass. For registration questions, contact Megan Sigg at For sponsorship questions, contact Charlotte Keppers at

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