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Opportunity #1
Course Authoring Software

In this issue, we'll be looking at the Course Authoring Software market. 

Educating employees is big business, and it requires software to create courses, host and manage courses, as well as to analyze learner outcomes and understand how this education is impacting the business.

This opportunity focuses on the middle of those three categories - creating courses.

We'll analyze popular solutions such as Articulate 360, Spring Suite, Adobe Captivate, and TechSmith Camtasia, understanding how they fit together to create the current market landscape, before exploring what a down-market MVP might look like in this software category!

We'll also explore why many of these enterprised-focused companies struggle to make software that's compelling to the down-market customer segment, and how we can position our solution to be a perfect fit!
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Looking for something in a bit more exciting of a market? This issue has you covered!

In this issue, we'll also be looking at the 3D-asset market for eCommerce. 3D modeling is becoming big business, with large eCommerce providers almost universally adopting 3D models due to the increase in customer conversion rate.

This week, we'll look at the major players in the market, such as ARsenal, TurboSquid, and ThreeKit, look at recent Shopify innovations in the space, and take a deep dive into why down-market companies are falling behind the adoption curve.

If you're looking for a fun and exciting product in a rapidly-trending space, this opportunity is a great fit for you!

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Last but not least in this issue is a Micro-SaaS in the thank-you card space!

In this opportunity, we'll be doing a deep dive into Handwrytten, a company that has made waves as a high-quality, custom physical card solution.

We'll look at what has made Handwrytten successful in a very challenging space, and closely examine the difference between "pseudo-handwritten notes", machine-written notes, and truly handwritten notes, learning the pros and cons of each!

Finally, we'll look at how we could position a competitor in this space to appeal to a niche that most companies in this space have chosen to avoid, look at a concrete MVP with details on how to implement it, and the three key marketing channels to drive awareness of the MVP!

If you're into Micro-SaaS, I have a feeling you'll love this opportunity!
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