Police department quits - Drone deadly error - Denmark reopens fully

School mask ruling • Larry Elder hate crime • Police department quits • Deadly drone error • Denmark lifts restrictions •
12 SEP 2021
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Larry Elder hate crime • Police department quits • Deadly drone error • Denmark lifts restrictions • School mask ruling

Israel's Chinese port • Border citizen interrogations • Banned beer label

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#1 in U.S. News • 43 articles
Why was California's governor contender attacked in an apparent hate crime?
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  1. Top from last 48 hrs
    LA sheriff on Larry Elder’s gorilla mask assailant: 'How is this not a hate crime?'
    Washington Examiner (Moderate Right) • Factual Grade 73% • 2 min read

    The gorilla mask-wearing woman who threw an egg at California candidate Larry Elder and slapped his security guard should be charged with a hate crime, said LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. The unidentified woman was seen in a viral video riding a bicycle next to Elder and his guards after a campaign event in Venice Beach.
    LAPD, which has jurisdiction over Venice Beach, issued a press release Thursday night saying two men also hit Elder's guard in the head. Police asked for the public's help in identifying those suspects, along with the woman in the gorilla mask.
    Villanueva said he would investigate the assault as a hate crime because the woman wore a gorilla mask. “It conveniently hides her identity, but there was a message there. She could’ve picked a Groucho Marx mask,” he said. “I think the message was clear."
  1. Top local viewpoint
    Police seek woman in Larry Elder attack.
    Los Angeles Times (Moderate Left) • Factual Grade 65% • 3 min read
  1. Top long-read
    How Larry Elder upended the California recall.
    CBS News (Moderate Left) • Factual Grade 86% • 7 min read

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#2 in U.S. News • 6 articles
Why has the entire police department of Kimberling, Missouri resigned?

    Citing problems like an inadequate pay rate and not having the right tools to do the job, the department has loca...

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Is being a police officer an attractive job?

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Is the US safer from terrorism since 9/11?


468 votes, 67 comments

Context: Retropective on counter-terrorism on twentieth anniversary of 9/11 attack.


No - We eliminated the faces of terrorism, Bin Laden, Omar, et al but we left a bigger hornets nest from which hatred of us will produce innumerable terrorist acts. And, in abandoning our Allies commitment to Afghanistan and leaving them flat footed and betrayed, we cannot expect, not do we deserve, the same level of cooperative effort when requested again.

Yes - We are better protected from foreign terrorism but domestic terrorism has grown. There are mor...

Unsure - Much safer in that there is now a widespread awareness of the threat. About...

#1 in World News • 48 articles
Why is a US drone strike in Afghanistan thought to have killed the wrong target?

    An investigation of video evidence, along with interviews with more than a dozen of the driver’s co-workers and family members in Kabul, raises doubts about the U.S. version of even...

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#2 in World News • 12 articles
Why has Denmark lifted all Covid-19 restrictions?

    After nearly 550 days, the Scandinavian country has lifted the last of its domestic pandemic-era restrictions, declaring that the coronavirus is no longer a “critical threat to society.” Denmark appears to...

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#1 in Health News • 48 articles
How is a new ruling on Florida's school mask mandates being received?

    The stay order allows the state to punish school officials who impose mask mandates without a parental opt-out. Mr. DeSantis and Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran have battled parents in court ove...

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Salesforce offers to help employees leave in wake of Texas' restrictive abortion law.

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Prince Andrew served in case alleging he sexually abused a minor.

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