Initiator Creator - Initiator Creator - Issue 77

Initiator Creator - Issue #77

By Saurabh Y. // 25 September 2021


Small Bundles, Fast Pages: What To Do With Too Much JavaScript - Calibre

This post will explain why bundle size matters and recommend tools and processes you can follow to monitor, visualise, and most importantly, shrink your JS bundles.

Mechanic - An open-source framework to turn your design rules into design tools - Smashing Magazine

Mechanic is an open source framework that makes it easy to create custom, web-based design tools that export design assets right in your browser.

This AI-assisted bug bash is offering serious prizes for squashing nasty code - StackOverflow

AWS Bug Bust is a global competition launched with the goal of finding and fixing one million bugs in codebases around the world. It takes the traditional bug bash and turns it into a competition that anyone can enter. Got a repo or two that you’ve been meaning to clean up? Enter the Bug Bust and start squashing.

Theatre.js - JavaScript Motion Design Library - TheatreJS

"Theatre.js is a JavaScript animation library with a GUI. It animates the DOM, WebGL, and any other JavaScript variable."

Keep the React app responsive even during large screen updates with startTransition API introduced in React 18 - Saeloun

The most significant update of React 18 comes with concurrent rendering. React 18 exposed a few APIs to allow users to have some control over concurrency. One of them is the startTransition API, which indicates that the actions wrapped in startTransition may take time.


How the first version of Mailchimp was designed - UX Collective

Ben Chestnut designed the initial version of Mailchimp. When reflecting on it, he says he spent almost no time designing it.

Beyond delight; the memorable experience framework - UX Collective

One thing that’s clear: good, functional UX isn’t enough these days. To be successful, the experience must be memorable and emotionally engaging for the customer.

Tool.Graphics - Geometric Art - Tool Graphics

Geometric abstraction is a form of abstract art based on the use of geometric forms.

The Future of CSS: Cascade Layers (CSS @layer) - Bramus

To regain control over the Cascade in those situations where pieces of code overwrites each other, there’s a new CSS Language Feature coming to help us: Cascade Layers

Designing Empty States in Complex Applications - NN/g

Empty states provide opportunities for designers to communicate system status, increase learnability of the system, and deliver direct pathways for key tasks. This article provides guidance for designing empty-state dialogues for content-less containers.


Why Successful People Take 10 Years to 'Succeed Overnight' - Inc

There's a reason why this 10-years-to-overnight-success pattern shows up over and over. And it's not just about working hard.

Fake it 'till you build it - Indiehackers

Darko has analyzed all (400+) IndieHackers interviews and found plenty of interesting examples of founders who did this successfully.

Three years of building products - Alex West

In this article, Alex West, the founder of CyberLeads, shares his story and lessons learned from failing with 19 projects to quitting his job to focus 100% on his project.

Web Quality Assurance: From User Requirements To Web Risk Management - Smashing Magazine

Twenty years ago, Elie Sloïm chose to dedicate his professional life to web quality assurance. He started asking, ”What does quality mean for a web user?” Well, this article explains everything he has learned along the way.

What is the Product the Customer Buys Before They Buy Yours? - Tomasz Tunguz

The customer isn’t purchasing just one solution to solve their needs. The typical mid-market company purchases 137 SaaS products, and the figure grows 30% annually. Companies collect tremendous amounts of software, and they layer it on top of one another to ascend a Maslow’s hierarchy of software needs until they reach actualization.


Pick Just One Content Distribution Platform for Your Content Business - The Tilt

By controlling your primary channel, you have direct access to all available analytics so you can better understand your audience. You also don’t have to fret over algorithm and policy changes on social media channels. Another benefit? You can more easily add revenue streams that have healthier profit margins.

The Content Strategy Maturity Model - Animalz

The optimal types of content and the “best” content strategy for your business depend on your goals and audience, sure—but they also depend on the maturity of content marketing within your industry. The content strategy maturity model is a useful way for choosing the right approach to content marketing.

Learning from the top people on how to grow and monetize a Twitter account - Twitter

Top lessons from 7 Twitter growth courses, shared by Sean Anthony so you don't have to spend the cash.

What makes a good writer? Human stories, active voice and an open mind - Journalism

Author of the new book "Write Like You Mean It" Steve Gamel shares his tips on perfecting your style and storytelling techniques

Email Deliverability: 10-Step Checklist to Get In Primary Inboxes - CoSchedule

A 10-step checklist that will help you improve your email deliverability in almost no time, without the need for additional research.

Interesting Read

Why People Feel Like Victims - Nautilus

In a polarized nation, victimhood is a badge of honor. It gives people strength. This article getting to the core of today's social acrimony.

Progressive Summarization: A Practical Technique for Designing Discoverable Notes - Forte Labs

In the 4-part P.A.R.A. series, Tiago Forte described a universal system for organizing any kind of digital information from any source. It is a “good enough” system, maintaining notes according to their actionability (which takes just a moment to determine), instead of their meaning

Fight or flight: understanding how the stress response works - Ness Labs

Imagine standing on stage in front of a few hundred people. Your heart is beating fast, your hands are sweaty, and you can feel a knot in your stomach. This is the fight-or-flight response at play.

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“Should I Buy This!?” (Cost-Per-Use Analysis Calculator)

Deciding if you should buy something expensive? Looking at JUST the price doesn’t make sense. Sometimes it’s helpful to review the Cost-Per-Hour.


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